EVAPCO’s state of the art Research & Development Center, primarily located at its World Headquarters in Taneytown, MD USA, has over 60,000 square feet dedicated to thermal analysis and product development.  Experienced R&D engineers perform product and application research year round in six environmental test chambers.  EVAPCO engineers are credited as inventors on more than 45 U.S. Patents and their foreign counterparts.  This engineering expertise provides an exceptional foundation for various product development products, and is the catalyst for providing customer driven features and benefits in an environmentally safe manner.  This dedication to industry innovation has established EVAPCO as the technological leader in the evaporative cooling industry.

Many of EVAPCO’s products include patented, highly efficient heat transfer sections that provide increased performance in a smaller space. EVAPCO also has patents on key components that are critical to evaporative heat transfer equipment, and in the water treatment field.  Described below are seven of EVAPCO’s industry leading patents.

ESWA Closed Circuit Cooler (PATENT NO. 6,598,862)

  • Unique incorporation of both indirect and direct heat transfer media
  • Most energy efficient and quietest axial fan closed circuit cooler

SENSI-COIL® Fluid Cooler Coil (PATENT NO. 7,296,620)

  • Features elliptical return bends and elliptical tubes to increase packing density
  • Maximizes amount of Thermal-Pak elliptical tubes to provide over 20% additional coil surface area for greater heat transfer charactertistics

THERMAL-PAK® Industrial Evaporator Finned Coil (PATENT NO. 5,425,414)

  • Highest tube-to-fin surface area ratio in the industry for increased efficiency and quicker defrosts
  • 0.060 inch tube wall thickness for increased coil life (90% greater wall thickness than other manufacturers)
  • Entire coil designed to meet strength requirements of ASME/ANSI B 31.5, pressure tested underwater to 350 psig (2413 kPa)
  • Improved clean tube and fin pattern ideal for food freezing applications.


  • Low pressure drop, two pass design
  • Direct sunight s blocked from the water inside the unit
  • Eliminates splashout


  • Removes entrained water droplets from the airstream
  • Eliminates carryover to 0.001% of the circulating flow rate


  • Non-chemical means of treating water in recirculating evaporative cooling systems
  • Pulsed Power device consuming low power yet effectively controlling scale, corrosion and biological activity

EXTRA-PAK® Ice Coils (PATENT NO. 6,178,770)

  • Increased packing efficiency over round tube design
  • Counter-current circuiting prevents wasted volume in storage tank

The following is a list of current U.S. Patents assigned to EVAPCO, Inc. and the products that may incorporate the patented features:

5,425,414: STM, STL, STW and STD Evaporators

5,799,725: STM, STL, STW and STD Evaporators

6,889,759: STM, STL, STW and STD Evaporators 

7,475,719: STM, STL, STW and STD Evaporators 

6,101,821: Extra-Pak® Ice Coils

6,178,770: Extra-Pak® Ice Coils with Vertical Arrangements

6,315,804: All cooling towers, closed circuit coolers and evaporative condensers that include pointed tip eliminators

6,598,862: ESW and ESWA closed circuit coolers

7,296,620: ESWA Closed Circuit Coolers 

6,923,250: All cooling towers, closed circuit coolers and evaporative condensers that include WST louver assemblies

D545,395: Pulse~Pure® Water Treatment Device

7,704,364: Pulse~Pure® Water Treatment Device

In addition, EVAPCO and its subsidiaries have 12 pending patent applications, including:

  • An application for the Ellipti-Fin™ elliptical coil arrangement,
  • Applications for new methods for plume abatement and water conservation, and hybrid wet/dry cooling towers, closed circuit coolers, and condensers that utilize such methods
  • An application for the next generation of louver module