Factory Assembled Cooling Towers

AXS Cooling Tower

AXS Cooling Tower

The AXS puts a new spin on induced draft, crossflow cooling towers with a CTI certified capacity range of 312 - 1,357 nominal tons. Standard construction consisits of G-235 galvanized steel with type 304 or 316 stainless steel availiable for the basin or entire tower. All models are CTI Certified and IBC Compliant.

Design Features

The AXS cooling tower product line utilizes induced draft crossflow technology. The new spin that EVAPCO offers on the AXS are highlighted below. Click on the features below for more details.

Bottom Supported and Bonded Block Fill

The EVAPCO crossflow fill is bonded and bottom supported. This prevents the fill from sagging into the cold water basin and allows for adequate room under the fill for cleaning, throughout the life of the cooling tower. The bottom supports provide a minimum 3" clearance above the basin floor. The bonded fill also helps minimize air bypass which maintains the capacity of your unit. The louvers and drift eliminators are integrated into the fill.

Modular Hot Water Basins

The hot water basins are of a modular design which makes them easy to replace if the need arises.

Fast, On-Time Shipments

The AXS is a completely factory assembled cooling tower manufactured by a dedicated professional workforce, expert in building cooling towers. Factory trained mechanics and EVAPCO's strict quality control and inspection procedures guarantee the quality of every unit shipped.

EVAPCO's controlled factory environment ensures fast on-time shipments, allowing the AXS to be available WHEN THE CUSTOMER WANTS IT!

Oversized Access Doors