Evaporative Condensers

eco-ATC-A Evaporative Condenser

eco-ATC-A Evaporative Condenser

eco-ATC-A Evaporative Condenser

The eco-ATC-A line of evaporative condensers represents Evapco’s commitment to product development. The line is comprised of models ranging in size from 125 to 2,900 nominal ammonia tons (537 kW to 12,470 kW). The induced draft counterflow condensers are designed especially for easy maintenance and long, trouble-free operation.

Design Features

The eco-ATC line of evaporative condensers represents EVAPCO’s newest advancement in thermal heat transfer research and development. Utilizing the Ellipti–fin™ heat transfer coil, the eco-ATC offers improved heat transfer during wet operation and offers significant water savings due to extended periods of dry operation. The eco-ATC is another chapter in EVAPCO’s on-going commitment to quality, environmentally friendly products.

Evaporative Mode

The refrigerant gas is discharged from the
compressor into the inlet connection of the eco-ATC condenser. Water from the condenser’s sump is circulated over the condenser coil, while ambient air is simultaneously drawn into the unit. As the
ambient air moves up through the coil section, a portion of the spray water is evaporated into the air stream. The evaporative process cools the spray water, which in turn cools the tubes containing the refrigerant gas. The cool tube walls cause the
refrigerant gas to give up heat and condense into a liquid. The condensed liquid flows out of the coil to the high pressure liquid receiver for return to the system. The hot, saturated air is drawn through the drift eliminators, where any entrained water droplets are removed. The condenser’s fan then discharges
this air stream out of the top of the unit at a high velocity, where it can dissipate  harmlessly into the atmosphere. The water which was not evaporated falls into the sump and is recirculated by the spray pump to the water distribution system above the condensing coil section.


Dry Mode

The refrigerant gas is discharged from the
compressor into the inlet connection of the eco-ATC condenser. Ambient air is drawn into the unit and moves over the heat transfer coil. The air is warmed while the tubes containing the refrigerant gas are cooled. The cool tube walls cause the refrigerant gas to give up heat and condense into a liquid. The condensed liquid flows out of the coil to the high pressure liquid receiver for return to the system. The hot discharge air is drawn through the drift eliminators and then the fan then discharges the air stream out of the top of the unit where it can dissipate harmlessly into the atmosphere.

Efficient Drift Eliminators

An extremely efficient drift eliminator system is standard on the eco-ATC evaporative condenser. The system removes entrained water droplets from the air stream to limit the drift rate to less than 0.001% of the recirculating water rate. With a low drift rate, the eco-ATC Evaporative Condenser saves valuable water and water treatment chemicals. The eco-ATC Evaporative Condenser can be located in areas where minimum water carryover is critical, such as parking lots.

The drift eliminators are constructed of an inert polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic material which effectively eliminates corrosion of these vital components. They are assembled in sections to facilitate easy removal for inspection of the water distribution system.

Superior Air Inlet Louver and Screen Design

The air inlet louver screens on the eco-ATC are constructed of corrosion-free PVC. They are a two pass design that minimizes splashout and reduces the potential for algae formation inside the cooler.

In single pass louver systems used by other manufacturers, circulating water droplets tend to splashout, especially when the fans are shut off. With the two pass louver system, the water droplets are captured on the inward sloping pass, minimizing splashout problems.

This unique louver design completely encloses the basin area. Direct sunlight is blocked from the water inside the cooler, thereby reducing the potential of algae formation. Water treatment and maintenance costs are substantially reduced.

While effectively containing the recirculating water and blocking sunlight, the louver design has a low pressure drop. The low pressure drop results in lower fan energy consumption, which reduces the operating costs of the cooler.

Maintenance Free ZMII® Water Distribution System


EVAPCO’S Zero Maintenance ZMII® Spray Nozzle remains clog-free while providing even and constant water distribution for reliable, scale-free evaporative cooling under all operating conditions.

The heavy duty nylon ZMII® Spray Nozzles have a 1-1/4” diameter opening and a 1-1/4” splash plate clearance enabling EVAPCO to use 75% fewer nozzles. Furthermore, the fixed position ZMII® nozzles are mounted in corrosion-free PVC water distribution pipes that have threaded end caps. Together, these elements combine to provide unequaled coil coverage and scale prevention, and make the industry’s best performing non-corrosive, maintenance-free water distribution system.

The water distribution is designed to provide a minimum 6 GPM over each square foot (4 liters per second over each square meter) of unit plan area to ensure proper flooding of the coil. 

 Ellipti-fin Coil Design

 The new eco-ATC Evaporative Condenser utilizes Evapco's patent-pending Ellipti-fin coil design which assures even greater
operating efficiency. The elliptical tube design allows for closer
tube spacing, resulting in greater surface area per plan area
than round-tube coil designs. In addition, the revolutionary
Ellipti-fin design utilizes elliptical spiral fin coil technology and
has lower resistance to airflow than typical finned coil designs.
This permits greater water loading, making the new Ellipti-fin
coil the most efficient coil design available on the market.
The coils are manufactured from high quality steel tubing following the most stringent quality control procedures. Each circuit is inspected to ensure the material quality and then tested before being assembled into a coil. Finally, the assembled coil is pneumatically tested at 400 psig under water to ensure it is leak free.

To protect the coil against corrosion, it is placed in a heavy steel
frame and then the entire assembly is dipped in molten zinc
(hot-dip galvanized) at a temperature of approximately 800°F.

Fast, On-Time Shipments

The eco-ATC is completely factory assembled and manufactured by a dedicated professional workforce, expert in building closed circuit coolers. Factory trained mechanics and EVAPCO's strict quality control and inspection procedures guarantee the quality of every unit shipped.

EVAPCO's controlled factory environment ensures fast on-time shipments, allowing the eco-ATC to be available WHEN THE CUSTOMER WANTS IT!

IBC Compliant

 What is IBC?  

  • The International Building Code requires that evaporative cooling equipment must meet the same seismic or wind load forces as the building to which they are attached.

How does it apply? 

  • Based on project zip code and site design factors, calculations are made to determine the equivalent seismic "g force" and wind load on the unit.

What does EVAPCO offer?

  • Standard Structural Design

                    -Projects with ≤ 1.0g seismic or 145 psf wind loads

  • Upgraded Structural Design

                    -Projects with > 1.0g seismic or 145 psf wind loads

  • The upgraded structural design package for the New ATWB is designed for 5.12g and 145psf, making it applicable to ALL building locations in North America.

Low Fan Motor Hp

The eco-ATC features the new EVAPCO Ellipti–fin™ coil,
which utilizes elliptical spiral fin coil technology. This
technology allows for up to 15% increase in thermal
performance while offering model selections with reduced fan
motor horsepower. This will results in significant energy
savings throughout the year.

Reduced Plan Area

Due to the increased thermal performance, new eco-ATC also
minimizes the footprint required for a given capacity thereby
reducing the space required for an evaporative condenser. A
smaller footprint means less steel and lower installation costs.

Significant Water Savings

The Ellipti-fin coil technology enables the eco-ATC to be
operated in a 100% Dry Mode at a significantly higher
switchover temperature is significantly higher than that of a
typical bare tube coil. This leads to a significant increase in dry
operating hours, thus increasing your water savings compared
to bare tube coils. This combination of features allows the eco-
ATC to be operated with both energy and water efficiency in
mind, making it the ideal choice for many installations. 

Easy Field Assembly 

The eco-ATC features a unique field seam design which ensures easier assembly and fewer field seam leaks. The field seam incorporates self-guiding channels to guide the coil casing section into position and set in place on the bottom basin section of the condenser. In addition, the design eliminates up to 66% of the fasteners typically used to join the condenser sections in the field significantly reducing the contractor labor costs for installation.

Maintenance Features

Designed for easy maintenance, the eco-ATC Closed Circuit Cooler leads the industry in service friendly features. The three most critical areas for closed circuit cooler maintenance are the basin, drive system, and coil. The eco-ATC basin section is designed to allow quick and easy access from outside the cooler. Just like the basin, all service to the drive system can be safely performed from the side of the cooler, and EVAPCO's Power-Band drive system is the easiest belt drive system to maintain in the industry! The exclusive Ellipti–finTechnology (Patent Pending) is designed for trouble-free maintenance and long life straight from the factory.

Click on the features below for more details.

Motor Mount, Power Band Belt Adjustment and Bearing Lubrication

The fan motor and drive assembly are designed to allow easy servicing of the motor and adjustment of the belt tension from the exterior of the unit. The T.E.F.C fan motor is mounted on the outside on these models and is protected from the weather by a cover which swings away for maintenance.

A large hinged access door is located on the side of the unit for easy access to the fan drive system. The belt can be adjusted by tightening the J-Bolts on the motor base and the tension can be checked easily through the access door, all while standing at the side of the unit. 

The bearings can also be lubricated from the side of the unit. The bearing lubrication lines have been extended to the exterior casing and are located by the access door, thus making bearing lubrication easy.

Sloped access ladders and working platforms are available as an option to facilitate maintenance.

Go to Optional Equipment for details.

Motor Mount, Power Band Belt Adjustment and Bearing Lubrication 

The T.E.A.O. fan motor is located inside the fan casing on the large eco-ATW Closed Circuit Cooler, and is mounted on a rugged heavy duty motor base. The motor base is designed to swing completely to the outside of the unit through a very large, hinged (14 square feet) (1,3 square meters) access door greatly simplifying motor maintenance.

The unique swinging motor mount designed for these models features easy belt adjustment from the exterior of the unit. The T.E.A.O. fan motor is mounted on an adjustable base which is supported by two heavy duty galvanized steel pipes. The belt is adjusted by tightening an all-thread which runs through the motor base.

The innovative motor base features a unique locking mechanism for a positive belt adjustment and is also used to adjust the belt tension if a wrench is not available.

Bearing lubrication fittings are extended to the side of the unit inside the access door to allow easy application of the bearing lubricant. This external location allows for easy servicing of the bearings and is another important advantage of EVAPCO equipment.

To facilitate motor removal, an optional motor davit is available.

Go to Optional Equipment for details.

Easy, Removable Air Inlet Louvers with Quick Release Fasteners

The eco-ATC features a Quick Release Fastener design consisting of (2) two large thumbscrews and a latch system. By loosening the thumbscrews, the latch pulls up and out of the louver frame, allowing the louver to be removed while the latch and thumbscrews stay on the closed circuit cooler.

 Easy Access

The cold water basin section is easily accessible from ground level by simply removing the (2) two Quick Release Fasteners on the inlet louver assemblies surrounding the closed circuit cooler and lifting out the lightweight louver.

The basin can be accessed from all (4) four sides of the cooler. This open basin design enables the eco-ATW basin to be easily cleaned.

Clean Pan Basin Design

The eco-ATC features a sloped basin from the upper to lower pan section. This “Clean Pan” design allows the water to be completely drained from the basin. The evaporative condensers water will drain from the upper section to the depressed lower pan section where the dirt and debris can be easily flushed out through the drain. This design helps prevent buildup of sedimentary deposits, biological films and minimizes standing water.

Stainless Steel Strainers

The EVAPCO standard for many years, the stainless steel strainer is one component of the evaporative condenser subject to excessive wear and corrosion. With stainless steel construction, this component will last the life of the cooling tower.

Air Inlet Access Door (Optional)

To aid in basin maintenance, eco-ATC models can be equipped with an optional air inlet access door. This feature improves the maintainability of the condenser by allowing easy access to the make-up float assembly and strainer for inspection without removing an entire inlet louver.


The eco-ATC Evaporative Condenser features the highly successful EVAPCO POWER-BAND Belt Drive System engineered for heavy-duty operation. The POWER-BAND Drive System has consistently provided trouble-free operation in the most severe duty evaporative condenser applications. In addition, the complete drive system including the fan motor is standard with a (5) Five Year Warranty.

Fan Motors

All eco-ATC Evaportave Condenser  models utilize heavy duty totally enclosed (T.E.F.C. or T.E.A.O) fan motors designed specifically for closed circuit cooler applications. In addition to the standard motors offered on each cooler, EVAPCO offers many optional motors to meet your specific needs, including:

  • Premium Efficiency Motors 
  • Multi-Speed Motors
  • Inverter-Ready Motors 

8.5' (2,6 m) wide eco-ATC models feature T.E.F.C. motors are located on the outside of the unit, protected by a hinged, swing away cover. 12' (3,7 m) wide eco-ATC models have T.E.A.O. motors located inside the fan section on a heavy duty motor base which swings to the outside for repair or removal.


Five (5) Year Warranty

EVAPCO provides a standard five (5) year motor and drive warranty on all direct drive Power-Band belt drive and optional gear drive eco-ATW Closed Circuit Coolers. This unique warranty is designed to offer the end user optimum protection against fan drive and motor failure. It is a comprehensive plan which includes the fan, fan shaft, belts, sheaves, fan bearings, gear box, flexible coupling, driveshaft and the motor.

Fan Shaft Bearings

The fan shaft bearings on the eco-ATC Closed Evaporative Condensers are specially selected to provide long life, minimizing costly downtime. They are rated for an L-10 life of 75,000 to 135,000 hours, making them the heaviest duty pillow block bearing in the industry used for Evaporative Condenser duty.

Power-Band Belt Drive

The Power-Band drive is a solid-back multigroove belt system that has high lateral rigidity. The belt is designed for evaporative condenser service, and is constructed of neoprene with polyester cords. The drive belt is sized for 150 percent of the motor nameplate horsepower ensuring long and trouble free operation.

Drive System Sheaves

Drive system sheaves located in the warm, moist atmosphere inside the evaporative condenser are constructed of an aluminum alloy. Those located externally are protected by a hinged cover. 

Optional Equipment

The standard design of the EVAPCO eco-ATC provides the customer with the most efficient and easiest Evaporative Condenser   to maintain in the industry. There are additional options which can make maintenance easier, extend the life, or enhance the performance capabilities of the Evaporative Condenser . These options are listed below 

Sloped Access Ladders

A sloped access ladder is available for 8.5', 12', 17' and 24' (2.6, 3.7, 5.2, 7.3 m) wide eco-ATC models. A vertical access ladder is available on 4' (1.2 m) wide eco-ATC models. The EVAPCO designed access ladder features a sloped “ships type” ladder arrangement which provides fast and easy access to the water distribution system and drive components. A grab bar is attached to the sloped ladder for safe and easy ascent and descent. There is no need for safety cages or railings with this design. The ladder(s) will ship loose and must be field mounted. The sloped ladder meets all applicable OSHA requirements.

Extended Surface Coil

Evaporative Condensers can be provided with spiral fins on the heat exchanger coil to increase the dry performance of the unit. Dry performance is accomplished by rejecting heat to the atmosphere without the use of the spray pump and the evaporation process. Dry operation can be practical in cold climates and/or when reduced winter loads exist. The number of fins per inch and and quantity of rows finned can be varied to obtain different dry performances.

Working Platform & Ladder with Davit

Eco-ATC Evaporative Condensers are available with an external working platform and ladder to allow easy servicing of the fan motor and water distribution system. Providing a convenient platform to perform work, the heavy duty galvanized steel platform is self-supporting which eliminates the need for any external support. A less expensive alternative to field erected catwalks, the working platform option uses a straight ladder as standard and ships in sections for easy installation. The davit option eliminates crane rentals and facilitates the removal of motors and gear drives. The davit and bracket are constructed of heavy duty galvanized steel and are mounted on the side of the unit. The optional fan motor and gear davit ships loose and is installed in the field. (The working platform and ladder meet all applicable OSHA requirements.)

Stainless Steel Water Touch Basin

The eco-ATC Evaporative Condenser has a modular design which allows specific areas to be enhanced for increased corrosion protection. The basin area of the condenser experiences turbulent mixing of air and water, in addition to silt build-up. In conjunction with the EVAPCOAT Corrosion Protection System, EVAPCO offers an optional Stainless Steel Water Touch Basin. This option provides Type 304 or Type 316 stainless steel for the entire basin area including the support columns of the evaporative condenser and the louver frames.

The basin section provides the structural support for the unit and is a critical part of the condenser. The Stainless Steel Water Touch Basin provides maximum corrosion protection.

EVAPCO Gear Drive System

The eco-ATC Evaporative Condenser is available with an optional precision gear drive system for 8.5', 12', 17', and 24' (2.6, 3.7, 5.2, 7.3 m) wide eco-ATC models. The EVAPCO Gear Drive System has been carefully designed to provide long life and troublefree operation, even in severe duty cooling tower applications. All gear drive system component manufacturers have been selected utililizing the leaders in the industry. The EVAPCO Gear Drive System is designed with a minimum 2.0 service factor and meets or exceeds AGMA and CTI gear drive standards.

8 1/2' & 17' (2.6 & 5.2 m) wide models feature a T.E.F.C. motor located outside the airstream coupled to the gear box with a composite floating shaft coupling.

12' & 24' (3.7 & 7.3 m) wide models have as standard an internally mounted motor (T.E.F.C.) with a rubber coupling device to transmit power to the gear box. An external motor mount with composite floating shaft coupling is also available.

Electric Water Level Control

EVAPCO evaporative condensers are available with an optional electric water level control system in place of the standard mechanical makeup valve and float assembly. This package provides very accurate control for the basin water level and does not require field adjustment, even under varying operating conditions.

The control was designed by EVAPCO and is manufactured exclusively for EVAPCO. It consists of multiple heavy duty stainless steel electrodes. These electrodes are mounted external to the unit in a vertical stand pipe. For winter operation, the stand pipe must be wrapped with electric heating cable and insulated to protect it from freezing.

The weather protected slow closing solenoid valve(s) for the makeup water connection is factory supplied and is ready for piping to a water supply with a pressure between 25 and 50 psig (138 kPa and 345 kPa). 

Electric Immersion Heaters

Electric immersion heaters are available as an option and are located in the basin of the cooler They are sized to maintain a +40°F (4.4°C) pan water temperature at 0°F (-18°C) ambient with the fans off *. They are furnished with a thermostat and low water protection device to cycle the heater on when required and to prevent the heater elements from energizing unless they are completely submerged. All components are enclosed in rugged, weather proof enclosures for outdoor use. Heater control packages that include contactor, transformer or disconnects are available.

(*) - Electric heater selection based on 0°F (-18° C) ambient temperature. For alternate low ambient heater selections consult the factory

Remote Sump Configuration

For units operating in areas where temperatures may be very low, or where low temperatures may occur during periods when the unit is not operating, a sump located inside the building is the preferred means of ensuring that the basin water will not freeze. For these applications, the cooler will be supplied without the spray pump, suction strainers and all associated piping, but is furnished with an oversized bottom outlet.

Solutions for Sound Sensitive Applications

The eco-ATC Evaporative Condensers are now available with four (4) equipment options to reduce the overall sound generated from the side or top of the eco Evaporative Condenser. Each option provides various levels of sound reduction and options can be combined to provide the lowest sound level. Consult EVAPCO’s evapSelect selection program for unit sound levels. If a detailed analysis or full octave band data sheet is required for your application, please consult your EVAPCO Sales Representative.

NOTE: These low sound options may impact the overall installed dimensions of the eco-ATC selected

Pulse~Pure® Water Treatment System

The eco-ATC is available with EVAPCO’s optional Pulse~Pure® non-chemical water treatment system. The Pulse~Pure® Water Treatment System utilizes pulsed-power technology to provide CHEMICAL FREE Water Treatment and is an environmentally responsible alternative for treating water in evaporative cooled equipment. It does not release harmful by-products to the environment and eliminates costly chemicals completely from cooler drift and blowdown. The Pulse~Pure® system delivers short, high-frequency bursts of low energy electromagnetic fields to the recirculating water in the eco-ATC and will:

  • Control Bacteria to Levels Well Below Most Chemical Water Treatment Programs 
  • Control the Formation of Mineral Scale on Heat-Exchange Surfaces.
  • Save Water by Operating at Higher Cycles of Concentration
  • Yield Corrosion Rates Equivalent to Chemical Water Treatment

More benefits of offering EVAPCO’s Pulse~Pure® Water Treatment System on the new eco-ATW are:

  • Pulse~Pure® Factory Mounting - Factory Installation of the Pulse~Pure® System Guarantees Your Water Treatment is Installed to Factory Specifications. 
  • Integral Cutting Edge Conductivity Control and Blowdown Packages that are contained in a single feeder panel:


Conductivity Control Package – Measures Conductivity Utilizing a Non-Fouling Torodial Probe
and Features:

  • One power connection of 120 volt or 460 volt is all that is required.
  • USB port for downloadable 60 day audit trail of system operation.
  • Self draining conductivity loop.

Motorized Blowdown Valve – Standard for the most reliable operation in bleed control. Three-way valve operation provides good bleed flow without a standing column of water.


Because ongoing water treatment service is an absolute requirement for any evaporative cooled system, each purchase of a Pulse~Pure® Water Treatment System includes, as standard, a 1 year water treatment service and monitoring contract provided by your EVAPCO Representative EVAPCO’s Pulse~Pure® system offers eco-ATC owners a single-source of responsibility for equipment, water treatment and service. Patent #: 7,704,364

Other Options

  • Hot Water or Steam Coils

  • Steam Injectors

  • Vibration Switches

  • Remote Sump Configuration

  • A.S.M.E. Condensing Coils

  • C.R.N. Condensing Coils

  • Additional Stainless Steel Options 

  •  Motors– Energy Efficient / Inverter Duty / 2S/1W and 2S/2W / Mill and Chem Duty Automotive Duty and Many More, Consult the Factory

Unit Specifications 

Furnish and install, as shown on the plans, an EVAPCO model _________ induced draft, counterflow evaporative condenser with a condensing capacity of _________ MBH total heat of rejection when operating with _________ refrigerant at ______ °F condensing temperature with a ______ °F design wet bulb temperature and a dry bulb switchover temperature of ____ °F.

IBC 2006 Compliance

The condenser shall be designed and constructed to meet the International Building Code (IBC 2006) specifications for installed components per ASCE 7-05. The manufacturer shall provide a
certificate of compliance to demonstrate that the equipment/unit has been independently tested and certified in accordance with the IBC program.

Basin and Casing

The basin and casing shall be constructed of G-235 hot-dip galvanized steel for long life and durability. Standard basin accessories shall include overflow, drain, type 304 stainless steel strainers, and brass make-up valve with plastic float.

Models eco-ATC-176-1g to 1011-1g

Fan Motor

_________ horsepower totally enclosed fan cooled motors with 1.15 service factor shall be furnished suitable for outdoor service on _________ volts, _________ hertz, and _________ phase. Motor(s) shall be mounted on an adjustable base which is accessible from the outside of the unit for service. A swing away protective cover shall shield the motor and sheave from the weather.


The fan drive shall be multigroove, solid back V-belt type with taper lock bushings designed for 150% of the motor nameplate horsepower. The belt material shall be neoprene reinforced with polyester cord and specifically designed for evaporative condenser service. Fan sheave shall be aluminum alloy construction. The fans and the fan sheaves shall be mounted on the shaft with a specially coated bushing to provide maximum corrosion protection. Belt adjustment shall be accomplished from the exterior of the unit. Bearing lube lines shall be extended to the exterior of the unit for easy maintenance.

Models eco-ATC-280-1g to 4086-1g

Fan Motor

_________ horsepower totally enclosed air over ball bearing fan motor(s), with 1.15 service factor shall be furnished suitable for service on _________ volts, _________ hertz, and _________ phase. Motor(s) shall be mounted on an adjustable base which allows the motor to swing to the outside of the unit for servicing.


The fan drive shall be a multigroove, solid back V-belt type with taper lock bushings designed for 150% of the motor nameplate horsepower. The belt material shall be neoprene reinforced with
polyester cord and specifically designed for evaporative condenser service. Fan and motor sheaves shall be aluminum alloy construction. The fans and fan sheaves shall be mounted on the shaft with a specially coated bushing to provide maximum corrosion protection. Belt adjustment shall be accomplished from the exterior of the unit. Bearing lube lines shall be extended to the exterior of the unit for easy maintenance.

Axial Propeller Fans

Fans shall be heavy duty axial propeller type statically balanced. The fans shall be constructed of aluminum alloy or fiberglass reinforced polypropylene blades, installed in a closely fitted cowl with venturi air inlet. Fan screens shall be galvanized steel mesh and frame, bolted
to the fan cowl.

Fan Shaft Bearings

Fan shaft bearings shall be heavy duty self-aligning ball type with grease fittings extended to the outside of the unit. Bearings shall be designed for a minimum L-10 life of 75,000 hours.

Water Recirculation Pump

The pump(s) shall be a close-coupled, centrifugal type with mechanical seal, installed vertically at the factory to allow free drainage on shut down. _________ horsepower totally enclosed motor(s) shall
be furnished suitable for outdoor service on _________ volts, _________ hertz, and _________ phase.

Heat Transfer Coil

Condensing coil(s) shall be all prime surface steel, encased in a steel framework and hot-dip galvanized after fabrication as a complete assembly. The coil(s) shall be designed with sloping tubes for free drainage of liquid refrigerant and shall be pneumatically tested at 400 psig, under water.

Water Distribution System

The system shall provide a water flow rate of 6 GPM over each square foot of unit face area to ensure proper flooding of the coil. The spray header shall be constructed of schedule 40 polyvinyl chloride pipe for corrosion resistance. All spray branches shall be removable for cleaning. Heavy-duty molded nylon ZM spray nozzles with large 1- 5/16” diameter opening and internal sludge ring to eliminate clogging. Nozzles shall be threaded into spray header to provide easy removal for maintenance.


The eliminators shall be constructed entirely of inert polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in easily handled sections. The eliminator design shall incorporate three changes in air direction to assure complete removal of all entrained moisture from the discharge air stream. Maximum drift rate shall be less than 0.001% of the circulating water rate.


The louvers shall be constructed from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The louvers shall be mounted in easily removable sections for access to the pan for maintenance. The louvers shall have a minimum of two changes in air direction to prevent splashout and block direct sunlight.


All basin and casing materials shall be constructed of G-235 heavy gauge mill hot-dip galvanized steel. During fabrication, all panel edges shall be coated with a 95% pure zinc-rich compound for superior protection against corrosion.

Watch the eco-ATC product video: