Water Treatment Systems

Smart Shield®

Smart Shield®

Innovative Solid Chemistry Water Treatment Systems

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mrf-1 smallFor Cooling Towers
smart shieldFor Coolers and Condensers


Easiest startup and commissioning in the industry

Safe chemistry handling via specialized packaging

Sustainable solid chemistry water treatment

Coolers and Condensers

Smart Shield® Water Treatment System Specifically Engineered for your Equipment


  • Factory Mounted on your EVAPCO closed circuit coolers or evaporative condensers for simplified commissioning
  • Complete package including pre-wired and pre-piped conductivity controller, bleed valve, and feeders
  • Includes service by network of Factory Authorized Service Partners

Also available to Retrofit on existing equipment

Smart Shield TM
Cooling Towers

Factory Assembled Solid Chemistry Water Treatment Systems

  • Factory Assembled and pre-piped skids simplify installation and commissioning
  • Complete water treatment package designed for your cooling tower system requiring minimal mechanical room space
  • Includes service by network of Factory Authorized Service Partners
  • Solid chemistry reduces shipping, handling, and storage

Available in two unique skid-mounted systems to protect a broad range of evaporative cooling water applications:

Controlled Release System
  • Designed for smaller systems and those with lower inhibitor chemistry demand
Monitored Release System
  • Designed for larger systems and those with higher inhibitor chemistry demand
Smart Shield TM