The EVAPCO Culture of Excellence

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Dear EVAPCO USA Teammates,

We are currently living in a period of universal uncertainty on many fronts. As if the COVID-19 Pandemic was not enough, now we must endure the feelings of uncertainty and danger relating to the horrible police brutality in Minneapolis and the subsequent horrible riots and looting in many cities. For many people, including me, this uncertainty can create unhealthy anxiety. However, fortunately for us, we can lean on our EVAPCO family as a unifying force to help relieve the dreadful feelings associated with these terrible events.  

Over the past week I have received several comments and a couple emails about the recent riots in several cities, which make me think it might be helpful to offer a clear picture of my view.  

  • The police brutality of a black man in Minneapolis (George Floyd) which has been shown on video is horribly wrong and inexcusable behavior by a policeman who is charged with protecting ALL people in our great country. In my opinion, it is also horribly wrong that other police officers watched it happen without trying to stop the obvious wrongdoing. What should we do?
  • Rioting and looting is a horribly wrong reaction to police brutality. I acknowledge that the proliferation of video via phones has helped to reveal “eye opening” realities about police brutality on black people for people like me, but destroying the businesses, property and lives of innocent citizens is not a corrective course. What should we do?

If these terrible things were happening in a business setting like EVAPCO, Inc. we would immediately terminate employees, train employees about appropriate behavior, implement updated policies and reorganize in the best way to prevent recurrences. However, these things are not happening in a business setting – so, what should we do?  We should remind ourselves to live the EVAPCO Culture of Excellence in everything we do and say (while at work and while away from work). In case you need to be reminded, EVAPCO’s Culture of Excellence states: “Excellence is achieved by caring more than most people think is normal and expecting more than most people think is reasonable.”  

In the past, we have talked about our culture of excellence in the context of our business, but if we can extend this same philosophy to apply to our daily lives outside of EVAPCO it will provide good examples for others to witness, and hopefully some of it will “rub off” on others outside of EVAPCO.

It is no accident that EVAPCO has remained sound and successful for so many years, including weathering the storm of the great recession and now the COVID-19 Pandemic. It is our culture of inclusion, caring, honesty and integrity that carries the day for EVAPCO as one team year after year. EVAPCO employees will stand together and lean on each other because our culture has established that as our operating rhythm, regardless of skin color, age, gender or cultural differences.

Let us hope that our EVAPCO culture will rub off on other companies and citizens as we continue to create our future business success. Let us stand together and carry on, my friends, with expectations of a brighter future for our country and knowing that EVAPCO's future already shines brightly.        

Best personal regards, 


William G. Bartley

President & Chief Executive Officer