pros and cons

Cooling towers play a critical role in both indoor climate control and process cooling systems. Ensuring a high-quality water supply for these components enhances their efficiency, extends their lifespan, and simplifies maintenance. Municipal-supplied or well water has historically been the most common source of makeup water for evaporative cooling systems. However, concerns related to water scarcity and increasing water costs are leading some building owners, engineers, and facilities managers to seek alternative sources of water and treatment for their evaporatively cooled systems. Options include gray water reuse, rainwater capture, makeup water pretreatment systems, and blowdown reuse systems. The various makeup water sources and treatment systems have potential advantages and disadvantages. What’s best for a specific application depends on the available makeup water source(s), the evaporative cooling equipment being used, and the process that the cooling system serves. This article addresses the water quality of various makeup sources and the pros and cons of some treatment systems.


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