Company History

Company History

On June 14, 1976, EVAPCO, Inc. was founded in Baltimore, MD under the visionary leadership of William E. Kahlert, Wilson E. Bradley, and financial advisor John A. Luetkemeyer. Building on Mr. Kahlert and Mr. Bradley's combined 46 years of industrial experience, EVAPCO began as a manufacturer of forced draft evaporative condensers for the growing industrial refrigeration industry. EVAPCO's durable, innovative designs and ability to provide special attention to the different needs of its customers ensured immediate acceptance of EVAPCO's products domestically and overseas. Within three years of founding, EVAPCO opened a new facility in California and established a licensing agreement with CCT in Italy, which later became a wholly owned EVAPCO operation.

Building on the successful formula of commitment to research and development, quality products, competitive prices, and customer satisfaction, EVAPCO continued to grow throughout the 1980's. Facilities and licensees were strategically opened in South Africa, England, Australia, Illinois, and Taneytown, MD to better serve the emerging market. EVAPCO also expanded its product lines to include various styles of evaporative condensers, closed circuit fluid coolers, and open cooling towers.

In 1986, EVAPCO revolutionized the factory assembled evaporative cooling industry with the introduction of the induced draft, counterflow AT cooling tower. The innovative AT design represented the most efficient, space saving, easy maintenance evaporative cooling product ever introduced. EVAPCO's highly successful AT design was subsequently incorporated into the evaporative condenser and closed circuit cooler product lines as the ATC and ATW models.

By 1990, EVAPCO moved its world headquarters from Baltimore to Taneytown, MD, where it is located today. Building on its core values, EVAPCO continued to grow through the 1990's, and strengthened international operations by opening facilities in China and Belgium and a licensee in Egypt. EVAPCO continued to enhance the product line by engineering several new industrial evaporator product lines featuring patented fin coils. In 1994, EVAPCO acquired Refrigeration, Valves and Systems (RVS) in Bryan, TX, adding recirculator packages and pressure vessel products, enabling EVAPCO to provide all of the major heat transfer components of an industrial refrigeration system. In 2000, EVAPCO, Inc. opened a new facility in Iowa, further expanding the refrigeration product line with critical air process equipment and rooftop evaporator units.

In 2005 EVAPCO, Inc. opened EvapTech, Inc., a new subsidiary located in Lenexa, KS. EvapTech, Inc. provides large field erected cooling towers for the Power and Heavy Industrial markets. Also in 2005, Tower Components, Inc. (TCI) was acquired by EVAPCO, Inc. TCI is located in Ramseur, NC and makes a variety of heat transfer material that is used in evaporative cooling towers.

To further bolster their position as a leader in the field erected cooling tower business, in 2007 EVAPCO opened its fiberglass pultrusion plant in Newton, IL where structural components used in the construction of the field erected cooling towers are manufactured, giving EVAPCO an edge over the competition on quality, cost, lead time, and scheduling.

In 2008, EVAPCO renewed its commitment to Research & Development with a laboratory expansion, adding two large testing chambers and dedicating the Water Analytical Services department. With testing and research and development projects running constantly, EVAPCO is the industry leader in new products and product innovations for the evaporative cooling and sensible cooling heat exchange markets.

Expansion in 2009 included welcoming flex coil, a/s of Denmark to the EVAPCO family, offering a flexible and vast line of air cooled heat exchangers. Additionally, EVAPCO became a majority owner of an Australian operation and created EVAPCO Australia in Riverstone, Australia.

In January, 2011 EVAPCO joined forces with Beijing Longyuan Cooling Technology Company, LTD ("BLCT"), forming a USA based company named EVAPCO-BLCT Dry Cooling, Inc., with headquarters in Bridgewater, NJ and staff in Colorado, Maryland, China, Australia, Vietnam and Mexico. The partnership expanded EVAPCO’s footprint in the Air Cooled Condenser and hybrid/parallel condensing cooling market for the global power industry.

EVAPCO continued its position as an industry leader in product innovation by building a new Air Cooled Steam Condenser Test laboratory in 2012. The state-of-the-art laboratory, located in Taneytown, MD, provides industry leading full size heat exchanger (up to bundle size 8 ft. wide x 40 ft. tall) testing to ensure the best performance from EVAPCO, specialists in Air Cooled Condensers.

In 2015 EVAPCO acquired majority ownership of the Brazilian company SEMCO Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Division, located in São Paulo, Brazil to create EVAPCO Brasil Equipamentos Industriais Ltda. The acquisition expanded EVAPCO’s global footprint as an industry leader in the Commercial HVAC, Industrial Refrigeration, Power Generation, and Industrial Processing markets.

In July of 2015, EVAPCO purchased the sustainable water treatment company Dolphin WaterCare, a subsidiary of Clearwater Systems Corporation. The acquisition represents a strategic addition to EVAPCO’s suite of water treatment solutions, Smart Shield® and Pulse~Pure® - the first and only factory-mountable water treatment systems specifically engineered for closed circuit coolers and evaporative condensers.

Also in 2015, EVAPCO finished construction of their new EVAPCOLD manufacturing facility in Greenup, IL. The new facility will manufacture the Evapcold Packaged Low Charge Refrigeration System in order to support North American sales and is expected to be a significant part of EVAPCO’s growth over the next several years.

EVAPCO's commitment to excellence in research and development has provided years of continual product improvement to the commercial HVAC, Industrial Refrigeration, Power Generation, and Industrial Processing markets. Today, EVAPCO, Inc. continues to remain a strong, growing, employee owned company, building on a successful philosophy of quality engineered products and unmatched customer service, making EVAPCO “the team you can count on for life.”