Water Treatment Systems

Pulse~Pure® Water Treatment System

Pulse~Pure® Water Treatment System

Pulse~Pure® by EVAPCO for All Evaporative Cooled Equipment

Green Technology, Non-Chemical, Chemical-Free Water Treatment System

The Pulse~Pure Water Treatment System is your best choice for non-chemical/chemical-free water treatment for your cooling tower or evaporative cooler. This patented system created by EVAPCO is available only through Authorized EVAPCO representatives. An environmentally responsible alternative for treating cooling water, Pulse~Pure utilizes pulsed-power technology to provide chemical-free water treatment with no harmful by-products. This cutting-edge technology enables you to rely on one trusted supplier for your evaporative cooling equipment and associated water treatment - EVAPCO!

Additionally, all Pulse~Pure system purchases include a one year cooling water treatment monitoring program from an authorized EVAPCO Service representative.

As with all water treatment systems monitoring is very important. With Pulse~Pure the monthly monitoring is provided by EVAPCO's factory trained service representative. Unlike other manufacturers of Non-Chemical Devices, EVAPCO backs the Pulse~Pure performance with a12 month money back guarantee. Also EVAPCO provides single source responsibility to insure success, some manufacturers subcontract this responsibility to a third party. We have applied Pulse~Pure to all manufacturers including EVAPCO, BAC, Marley, IMECO and Recold.

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Why Pulse~Pure?

Why choose Pulse~Pure for your condenser water treatment needs? Let us tell you!


  • Controls bacteria in recirculating water to levels well below traditional chemical water treatment programs. Max 10,000 cfu/ml ...GUARANTEED
  • Controls the formation of mineral scale - even at high cycles of concentration. Yields corrosion rates equivalent to typical chemical water treatment programs.
  • Eliminates environmentally hazardous and often toxic water treatment chemicals from your facility.
  • Saves water and money by operating at higher cycles of concentration compared to many liquid chemical programs.
  • Can assist with LEED points for LEED projects in the areas of innovation, water saving and WATER RE-USE
  • Is backed by one of the most prestigious companies in the cooling industry - EVAPCO.

Most importantly, Pulse~Pure can extend the life of your equipment by providing the necessary treatment to your condenser water system, without the use of chemicals. Rely on one of the largest and most trusted suppliers in the evaporative cooling industry for your water treatment needs. Cutting edge, responsible, green technology which eliminates chemical handling, cost, disposal and environmental impact, while saving water and dollars!!!

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