The natural evolution of ammonia refrigeration systems                                                                                                   

Water Beats VRF!


ASHRAE's Apples to Apples Comparison Proves Hydronics Delivers Superior Energy Efficiency over VRF.

SST-B Series Evaporators

The Ideal Solution for All Types of Feed Conditions

Thermal Performance Independently Certified

in Accordance with Unit Coolers Certification Program based on AHRI Standard 420.

The NEW eco-ATWB-H Closed Circuit Cooler and ATC-DC Evaporative Condenser

Continuous Water Savings, Highest Dry Bulb Switchover Temperatures, Plume Abatement, Plume Elimination


Closed Circuit Coolers

Increased Capacity, Smaller Footprint,

Energy Efficiency, Low Sound

EVAPCO is Taking the Water Out of Chemical Water Treatment !

  • Safer and More Effective
  • Environmentally Sensitive
  • Water Saving

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WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital was looking to modernize mechanical systems to ensure reliability of critical patient-care functions.

Constructed in 1921, WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital in Gettysburg, Pa., has undergone a number of changes over the years. According to Joe Lehigh of the facility’s engineering team, the most recent were made chiefly to improve hospital operations.

Systematic and thorough attention to the fan and motor assemblies is essential to avoid the unexpected interruption of service.

Most catastrophic system failures are easily avoidable because they are linked to a negligent lack of maintenance. Evaporative cooling equipment, like a mechanical unit of machinery, requires preventative maintenance to maximize its utility.

Commercial contractors utilize alternative technology in today’s buildings