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The Evapcold LCR-S VersaSplit product line is a low charge ammonia (NH3) condensing unit to be paired with Evapco AHRI 420 certified SST-E ceiling hung evaporators, Evapco SSTP-E penthouse evaporator or other remote evaporators. Models have an ammonia charge ranging from 4 to 6 lbs. per TR (actual charge amount dependent on the model size, evaporator selections and field piping). There are two (2) VersaSplit model types; “P” for pumped models and “D” for DX models. The “P” models are the same system design as the LCR-P penthouse product but packaged differently in a split configuration so there is no unit mounted penthouse and no walk-in machinery room.  These VersaSplit-P models are to be mounted locally near the evaporators (up to 2 evaporators), whereas the new VersaSplit-D models are designed to be mounted either at ground level or on structural steel on the roof, and feed high pressure, subcooled ammonia for up to six (6) remote Direct Expansion (DX) evaporators.

  • Capacities of 30 to 130 TR at -10oF freezer and 30 to 180 TR at 40oF cooler/dock.
  • Room temperatures ranging from -20oF to +60oF.
  • Air-cooled, adiabatic air-cooled or water-cooled condensing technology.
  • Hot gas defrost, air defrost, or no defrost.
LCR-S VersaSplit Units – Evapcold Advantages
  • Very low ammonia charge of 4 to 6 lbs./TR.
  • Hot gas defrost on all low & medium temperature models - the most efficient defrost method.
  • Feeds up to six evaporators in different rooms with different suction temperatures.
  • DX feed for minimum ammonia charge and longer pipe runs.
Major Items Included
  • Reach-in enclosure with operation and maintenance access.
  • Variable speed screw compressor package(s) for efficient operation.
  • Water cooled (with water regulating valve), air-cooled or adiabatic air-cooled condenser selected to meet site conditions and requirements.
  • DX economizer/subcooler providing high pressure subcooled liquid to evaporators while maximizing system efficiency.
  • Suction accumulator with integrated boil out coil to ensure dry suction to compressor(s).
  • Stainless steel refrigeration system piping inside VersaSplit enclosure.
  • Evapco designed and tested control panel completely wired within enclosure.
  • Ventilation fans and intake louver for ammonia purge & heat removal.
  • LED lighting inside enclosure.
  • Ammonia relief valves and piping header system.
  • Enclosure and relief piping ammonia detection.
  • Insulated refrigeration piping, including all required pipe labels and valve tags.
  • Enclosure finish – galvanized steel.
  • (1) - 460V Electrical feed to each LCR package for easy electrical hookup.
  • Remote evaporator power panel with evaporator starters and I/O from evaporator valves and instruments.
Easier & Lower Compliance Costs for Owners & Operators

Evapcold provides inherently safer technology, reducing the regulatory burden to owners and operators, and lowering compliance costs.

  • Contains significantly less ammonia and are safer to operate, maintain & work around.
  • Typically allows owners to stay below 10,000 lb. Threshold Quantity mandated by OSHA’s PSM and EPA’s RMP regulations.
  • Lowers the off-site consequence analysis required by EPA.
  • Reduces liability & exposure to fines.
  • EVAPCO provides operating & maintenance procedures, product hazard review, tagging, labeling & signage.
  • The Evapcold complies with applicable code and standards.
Lower Energy Consumption

The Evapcold product can reduce a facilities energy consumption and attain significant annual energy savings because of the following:

  • Variable Speed Drive (VFD) on every compressor and condenser fan (for air-cooled models).  Optional on the evaporator fans.
  • Evapcold built-in software in conjunction with supervisory control system provides superior energy management.

All the above add up to real energy savings over the course of a year compared to traditional ammonia systems. In addition, the LCR units consume significantly less energy than Freon systems.

Several optional accessories are available with the Evapcold refrigeration system to allow you the flexibility to select the configuration best suited for your application:

  • Variable frequency drives for evaporator fans.
  • Ammonia detection for evaporator locations.
  • Motor davits for condenser fans.
  • Winterization of VersaSplit unit.
  • 3-Way water regulating control valve.
  • Remote control of LCR packages and supervisory computer system.
  • Emergency Pressure Control System.
  • Adiabatic cooling pads on air-cooled condenser.
Maintenance Accessories

The Evapcold LCR system is designed with significant features to facilitate easy maintenance by the inclusion of:

  • Compressor and compressor motor davit(s).
  • Reach-in enclosure with generous maintenance access.
  • Stainless steel piping inside VersaSplit, eliminating pipe corrosion.
  • Isolation valves on major equipment.
  • Cable tray for easy access of wiring.
  • PAO compressor oil for effective oil return.
Easier maintenance and training attributes of the Evapcold units including:
  • The operational hazards for an owner are identified earlier through EVAPCO’s product system testing, development, and system improvement.
  • Pre-engineered, manufactured, and tested Evapcold systems are simpler to operate than custom built field erected ammonia refrigeration systems.
  • Every system is NOT different as is the case with traditional systems. Common system designs and components make training and maintenance easier.
  • Complete documentation and maintenance procedures are provided with every unit.
  • Concise, consistent, and repeatable operating procedures are already written for the Evapcold products.

The net result of the above items is the maintenance cost for Evapcold LCR systems will be lower than traditional systems.

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