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Cooling towers play a critical role in both indoor climate control and process cooling systems. Ensuring a high-quality water supply for these components enhances their efficiency, extends their lifespan, and simplifies maintenance. Municipal-supplied or well water has historically been the most common source of makeup water for evaporative cooling systems. However, concerns related to water scarcity and increasing water costs are leading some building owners, engineers, and facilities managers to seek alternative sources of water and treatment for their evaporatively cooled systems. Options
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Please be advised that EVAPCO USA prices are hereby increased as shown below effective Friday, June 14 th . All quotations offered on or after June 14 th , must be based on new pricing and all orders for these products entered on or after July 13 th , 2024 must be entered with new/revised increased prices. Current pricing and new pricing for these products will be available in Spectrum June 14 th through July 12 th , but on July 13 th , only new pricing will be available. SELECT ATC-E, eco-ATC, PMRC and eco-PMRC Condenser Models, Average of……………………………………………………………………...Four Percent (4%) Factory
EJET News Release
U.S. manufacturer Evapco has developed an Ejet-branded evaporator for its low-charge ammonia (R717) packaged refrigeration units that uses an ejector to raise the capacity and efficiency of a DX (direct exchange) evaporator almost to the level of a pumped liquid recirculation unit while offering the low charge and stable operation of a direct expansion (DX) system, the company says. The new technology was showcased with Evapco’s VersaSplit system at the IIAR 2024 Natural Refrigeration Conference & Heavy Equipment Expo, held March 24-27 in Orlando, Florida. Last October, Evapco launched
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With limited exception, many industrial facilities require the use of water as a coolant, either to transfer thermal energy or to support manufacturing processes. The extent of water consumption depends on the type of usage or processes involved. The quality of the incoming, raw water often requires treatment or filtration — with higher levels of management and quality control to meet specific needs. Clearly, the needs for automotive manufacturing or data center cooling may differ from water quality requirements at a hospital, clean room facility, or hotel. Industrial process water is used for
RACA Article
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Africa (RACA) Journal recently published an article written by, Caitlyn Forster, titled "Why Clients Are Moving from a Wet Cooler to Adiabatic Dry System." The article discusses EVAPCO's evolution in the cooling industry over its 40-year presence in South Africa. The piece highlights the company's commitment to eco-friendly solutions, compliance with environmental standards, and the diverse range of cooling systems, including hybrid and adiabatic options, addressing market needs amid climate change. Click here to read the full article.
Evapcold ESG
EVAPCO is proud to introduce the 2023 Evapcold Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) video hosted by Kurt Liebendorfer. The video showcases the powerful and sustainable benefits of Evapcold's cutting-edge technology for both users and owners. Click here to watch the full ESG video to join EVAPCO on the journey towards a sustainable and responsible future.
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EVAPCO Celebrates Full Spectrum Evolution at 2023 Global Sales Conference
EVAPCO celebrated a Full Spectrum Evolution at the 2023 Global Sales Conference, and Bill Smith, Associate Content Manager at Chiller & Cooling Best Practices Magazine, captured all the highlights in an exclusive article. Dive into the post-conference insights and discover the cutting-edge advancements in cooling technology. Read the full article here: