atlas cooling tower
EVAPCO’s AT Atlas counterflow cooling towers – now in larger sizes – are designed in large, preassembled modules for ease of rigging and installation. As the most energy efficient modular cooling tower on the market, the AT Atlas is unmatched in CTI-certified capacity per cell. Atlas series cooling towers range in capacity from 1,484 to 2,386 nominal tons per cell, providing up to 60 percent more cooling capacity per cell, while requiring up to 40 percent less fan power per ton of cooling compared to traditional factory assembled cooling towers. Available in Type 304 or Type 316 stainless
water saver in the news
Recently, The News featured EVAPCO's Water Saver in their publication. See it in the What's New section. Find information on the device that improves water efficiency by increasing operating cycles of concentration, which reduces blowdown and the use of treatment chemicals on our Water Saver page.
adiabatic research paper
EVAPCO’s commitment to providing 100% fully-rated equipment led to the development and execution of an extensive adiabatic pad test program, the results of which are contained in the research paper, Adiabatic Fluid Coolers & Refrigerant Condensers: Impact of Pad System Design on Saturation Efficiency and Unit Operation. The contents of this paper are being presented at the February 2019 CTI Conference. This research paper is provided as a valuable resource to help become educated on adiabatic pad saturation efficiencies and their impact on fluid cooler and condenser sizing. EVAPCO discovered a
Burj Al Arab - Dubai UAE
EVAPCO is an industry leading manufacturing company that provides a host of solutions globally in the field of heat transfer applications, with products that service the commercial HVAC, industrial refrigeration, power generation and industrial processing sectors. Having successfully delivered installations in the region over the years, EVAPCO's track record in the Middle East is enviable. Its new office, which opened recently here in Dubai, is aimed at providing enhanced infrastructure and advisory support to clients in terms of installing units and aftersales services. Jelle Wagelmans, Sales
new sales rep
EVAPCO, Inc. has announced the hiring of the R. F. Peck Company, Inc., as the exclusive EVAPCO representative in the Syracuse and Rochester, NY areas. They also continue to represent EVAPCO in Albany, NY. “I’m excited to extend the responsibilities and reach of R. F. Peck Company,” said Jamie Facius, vice president of EVAPCO North America sales. “Their expertise in our technology, and its application, and their familiarity with these key New York markets, will greatly strengthen our exposure there.“ “We enjoy a great working relationship with R. F. Peck Company, and have confidence that this
one logan philadelphia
Built in 1983, One Logan Square is a 32-story office tower in Center City Philadelphia. The building was recently renovated, and the last remaining need was replacement of the original cooling tower. The team decided to replace the three-cell cooling tower to improve efficiency and optimize the building’s systems. However, the real challenge on this job was the restrictive layout, coupled with the fact that there was no way to get a crane to pull the existing units out and install the new ones. Piece by piece this tower was hauled up to the top of a Philadelphia skyscraper. Our CTI Certified
EVAPCO is excited to announce our new sales rep for the California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah territories! Southwest Freezing Equipment Company will now be handling all our Industrial Refrigeration products in these states! You can find their contact information, or other representatives for your state, in our Find A Rep section of the website.
Northrich Company is now the exclusive EVAPCO representative in the HVAC and Industrial Process markets for the Cleveland, OH territory. Northrich will also serve as the Mr. GoodTower Service Center for the Cleveland area. Northrich continues serving the EVAPCO territory in Toledo. “I’m excited to have Northrich, with Principal Mike Goetz and his knowledgeable staff, serve EVAPCO in an expanded way,” said Jamie Facius, vice president of EVAPCO North America sales. “They’ve earned it. Their expertise in the equipment, along with their depth of knowledge in the industry, will greatly strengthen
Understanding the basics of piping and controls is step number one in the cooling tower industry. But how effectively a cooling tower piping system is designed and installed can have a critical impact on system efficiency, functionality and even safety. Properly engineered condenser, chiller and cooling tower piping and controls will improve heat transfer and avoid problems such as air slugging and pumps losing prime. Check out this oldie but goodie article EVAPCO wrote on the subject for Processing Cooling.
price increase
EVAPCO, Inc. has announced, effective Monday, Sept. 10, 2018, a price increase for the following products in North America: Cooling Towers Closed Circuit Coolers Options and Accessories eco-Air Series of Dry and Adiabatic Units Evaporators CPA Systems SSTP Penthouse Evaporators EDF Make-Up Air Units Evapcold RVS Water Systems Ice Coils Depending on product, the increase is between 3.5% and 5.5%. Contact an EVAPCO Marketing Engineer for more information.