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Dear Evapco Customers, As you know, numerous states and localities in the United States have issued various “shelter in place” type orders which require certain businesses or, in some cases, all “non-essential” businesses to close in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. The purpose of this communication is to confirm that ALL Evapco USA operations, including subsidiary companies, are open for business and ready to do our part to help our great country navigate the difficult waters created by Covid-19. Evapco is currently operating with full force and complying with all Covid-19 directives while
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Effective March 9th, 2020, EVAPCO, Inc. has implemented a price increase affecting our North American HVAC and Industrial Refrigeration markets. Though multiple products will be impacted by this change, the average increase is 3% across the board. Representatives and customers can expect to see price changes for the following products: Cooling Towers, Options, & Accessories Closed Circuit Coolers, Options, & Accessories eco-Air Adiabatic Coolers & Condensers (including Options & Accessories) Dry Coolers & Air Cooled Condensers Evaporative Condensers, Options, & Accessories Evapcold Models
The Evapcold LCR-C Chiller Product Line Continues to Expand! Introducing the NEW LS (Large-Single) & LD (Large-Dual) Chiller Families Expanded LCR-C Chiller Highlights: Approximately doubled the original SS (Small-Single) capacity of 130 TR to 250 TR at 22°F supply glycol in the LS (Large-Single) and LD (Large-Dual) The new LS is available with larger single compressors with Variable Vi technology, allowing the owner to operate very efficiently without a compressor VFD, including part load operation The LD offers redundant dual compressors, each rated for 50% of total unit capacity New
Original article found here. Recreating Discontinued Model Makes for a Smooth Installation Downtown Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin House needed an HVAC overhaul but, like most historic buildings, had no room to expand. EVAPCO reached into its archives for the specs of the building’s original cooling tower and created a more powerful, up-to-date version for the same space, making the installation process easier for Elliott-Lewis Corporation. Time for an Upgrade The Benjamin Franklin Hotel—now known as The Franklin Residences or, simply, “The Ben”—was built in 1923. Upgrading historic sites
Original article at ACHR News “Evaporative cooling — direct, indirect, and two-stage solutions — are being used across the board in a wide variety of commercial and industrial solutions,” said Randy Niederer, director of marketing, Cambridge Engineering. “It is currently experiencing a renaissance, as large manufacturing and distribution facilities are choosing this technology to provide cooling relief for employees.” This renaissance, along with several new technology factors, creates a backdrop for contractors to benefit from the sale of evaporative cooling solutions. EVAPORATIVE SALES
For decades now, evaporative cooling has been the principal means to regulate the temperature of buildings. And with more than 50% of total building water usage dedicated to heat transfer, there are major opportunities for water savings. Enter EVAPCO, a manufacturing company focused on heat transfer applications and a world leader in designing and manufacturing evaporative cooling products. I spoke with Dustin Cohick, Product Manager at EVAPCO, and Josh Boehner, Marketing Applications Engineer, to learn more about heat transfer and how EVAPCO’s technology can save water. Read the interview
EVAPCO, Inc. has announced, effective Monday, May 6, 2019, prices will increase for the following products: Cooling Towers, Closed Circuit Coolers, Options and Accessories, eco-Air Series of Dry and Adiabatic Units, Evaporative Condensers, Evapcold, Replacement Parts, Evaporators, CPA Systems, SSTP Penthouse Evaporators, EDF Make-Up Air Units, RVS Products, Ice Coils and Water Systems The average increase is 3%. Contact an EVAPCO Marketing Engineer for additional information.
ESW4 closed circuit cooler
EVAPCO has introduced the newest addition to its ESW single-cell, closed-circuit evaporative cooler line, the 14-foot by 22-foot “Big Box” ESW4 – now with up to 40 percent higher capacity than the 12-foot by 18-foot ESWB. The ESW4 is offered in more than 130 models with capacities of 270 to 670 nominal tons, and with fan motor sizes of 20 to 100 HP. The new ESW4 was designed to provide optimal capacity and energy efficiency available from the manufacturer’s single, largest closed-circuit cooler cell. With its cross cool internal tube configuration and patented Sensi-Coil elliptical tube design
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EVAPCO’s AT Atlas counterflow cooling towers – now in larger sizes – are designed in large, preassembled modules for ease of rigging and installation. As the most energy efficient modular cooling tower on the market, the AT Atlas is unmatched in CTI-certified capacity per cell. Atlas series cooling towers range in capacity from 1,484 to 2,386 nominal tons per cell, providing up to 60 percent more cooling capacity per cell, while requiring up to 40 percent less fan power per ton of cooling compared to traditional factory assembled cooling towers. Available in Type 304 or Type 316 stainless