New England BioLab eco-atwb-h
The EVAPCO New England BioLabs case study recently was published in HVAC & Plumbing Product News. With the work that New England BioLabs performs, it was of great importance to find the right equipment to meet the company's specific requirements. AHA Consulting Engineers, Inc.considered several fluid cooler options. The amount of electricity and water used was a key factor in specifying the cooling system. Ultimately, EVAPCO’s eco-ATWB-H series hybrid fluid cooler was selected. The system is specifically designed to optimize both the evaporative (latent) and dry (sensible) modes of cooling
Recently, EVAPCO accepted an award for a wetland project initiated with the Iowa Soil and Water conservation. EVAPCO agreed to allow a bio-retention pond to be on EVAPCO property to slow down the water runoff into the lake. Because of the farming community the phosphorous and nitrates create havoc in the lake because those are essential nutrients for plant (algae) growth that negatively effects the marine and leisure on the nearby lake. EVAPCO is committed to helping protect the environment. Check out this graphic on how retention ponds work.
Vertical-Systems-eco-air- demo-trailer
High Efficiency Cooling Tower on Wheels EVAPCO’s new eco-Air demo trailer has begun a voyage across the USA, beginning in sunny Los Angeles. The traveling, working demo unit was designed to give building owners, manufacturer’s reps, mechanical contractors and others a look at the operation and efficiency of the coolers. On one side, the demonstration unit features an adiabatic cooler; on the other, NEMA fan motor/EC fan motors, and eco-Air control panel with automated PLC for BAS Integration. The unit also has a piped water distribution system for adiabatic pads and nitrogen-charged stainless
Philly case study
The Ben Franklin Building in Philadelphia stands as a famous historical building. Also called The Franklin Residences, it offers luxury apartments and short-term rental suites. Keeping it running in top shape is a priority for the current owners, Korman Communities. Luxury cooling Keeping tenants and guests comfortable during warm, humid summers takes the right systems working with minimal or no downtime. The cooling tower serves as a water-sourced heat pump loop in the building. For years, it served most of the building’s cooling needs. “Some equipment loses efficiency as it gets older,”
EVAPCO marketing engineers, Brett Alexander, Troy Reinick and Mihir Kalyani, provided young professionals from the Association of Water Technologies a better understanding of the difference between open cooling towers, closed circuit coolers, evaporative condensers, hybrid systems, adiabatic coolers and dry coolers during a webinar last week. The session discussed how equipment design and materials of construction might impact the selection and implementation of water treatment programs. The webinar also provided information related to commissioning new systems and surveying existing ones
Check out the latest shecco publication, Accelerate America, where the world's first deployment of the Evapcold packaged low-charge system was an opportunity to invest in the future that has paid dividends for Western Gateway Storage. David W. Bornemeier, president and CFO at Western Gateway Storage, lists out the lessons and benefits that his company learned when faced with the critical decision of whom to entrust as their refrigeration supplier. Read more about these lessons on page 24 as well as the immediate benefits, long-term benefits and unintended benefits Western Gateway found as a
nelson and company
EVAPCO, Inc. has announced the hiring of Nelson & Company as exclusive EVAPCO representative in the HVAC/Industrial Process Markets and the Mr. GoodTower Service Center for the Jacksonville, Florida territory. Nelson & Company will represent EVAPCO in Jacksonville and Northern Florida. “I’m excited to have Nelson & Company join the EVAPCO family. They have a well-established history as the premier manufacturers’ representative for heating and air conditioning systems in North Florida,” said Jamie Facius, vice president of EVAPCO North America sales. “Their expertise in the equipment along with
Advances in Industrial Refrigeration
At last months IARW-WFLO Convention, EVAPCO Vice President Kurt Liebendorfer presented a TechTalk to the group entitled The Latest Advances in Industrial Refrigeration. The discussion focused on two new major advances in industrial refrigeration that are rapidly being adopted in the refrigerated warehouse market: air-cooled & adiabatic condensing and packaged low charge ammonia systems. Air-cooled & adiabatic condensing products, in lieu of the traditional evaporative condenser products, are growing in popularity due to their ability to eliminate or significantly reduce water usage in large
To better serve the ever evolving needs of their customers, New England BioLabs, Inc. (NEB) recently completed the construction of a 40,000-sq-ft clean room production facility in Rowley, MA. Accurate and robust temperature control of the equipment and environment is critical to the success of the tightly controlled manufacturing processes. A key component of the cooling system that meets the stringent cooling needs at NEB’s facility is its fluid cooler, a 1.6 million BToU closed circuit cooling tower designed to provide cooling to process water for a wide variety of sophisticated plant
white rust
Chris Nagle, vice president of water systems at EVAPCO, was recently interviewed on the podcast, Scaling UP! During this discussion, Chris shares some of the fascinating things EVAPCO are doing to help solve this issue and provides some great advice for water treaters on how to prevent and manage white rust. He has a unique perspective and a wealth of insight on the topic of white rust and today, he explains the process of galvanizing and passivation and the challenges white rust has placed on the industry today. Take a listen to the podcast for water treaters, by water treaters.