Evapco had an exciting fourth quarter of 2017, and they used the 2018 AHR Expo to build upon that success. Evapco’s eco-Air Series of dry and adiabatic products provide flexibility in a wide range of capacities, footprints, motor types, and controls. “The world is changing,” said Jamie Facius, vice president, North America sales, Evapco. “Water is becoming more critical with shortages and drought conditions. We are positioning ourselves for that future with these dry and adiabatic units that can conserve a lot of water.” Read the full article in The News from ACHR.
For evaporative cooling equipment like cooling towers, evaporative condensers or fluid coolers, water quality is essential for proper heat transfer and the healthy service life of the equipment. By association, that same water also is essential to the operation of the chillers, process equipment or building systems connected to the evaporative cooling equipment. Yet, some operators or building owners fail to recognize how the quality of the available makeup water and ongoing water treatment of the condenser water may impact equipment commissioning, operational water efficiency and lifespan of
As aging facilities are tapped to accommodate expanded manufacturing and broader process applications, facility owners and managers are faced with vexing challenges. Primary among them is how to meet these demands within realistic budget parameters. Often, two of the largest budget items for facility managers is reducing energy use and water consumption. To magnify the challenge, some municipalities have set water-use restrictions for plants, creating an unexpected burden. Another facet of the challenge of doing more with less is the common problem of deteriorating mechanical infrastructure
Ice on cooling tower
When outside temperatures fall below freezing, water inevitably forms into ice. Open cooling towers can be susceptible to freezing due to their inherent nature of operation. As a result, ice formation becomes a subject of management, not elimination. Fortunately, there are alternative solutions. Closed circuit coolers are used for a multitude of niche applications, but are ideal for evaporative cooling applications in severe winter climates. If ice formation is not managed properly, expect to see reduced thermal performance, part failures, and additional field maintenance. Make sure that your
Congratulations to EVAPCO-BLCT as their project, Exelon's Wolf Hollow, was awarded Gas Project of the Year by the editors of Power Engineering and Renewable Energy World magazines. Built in Granbury, Texas, Exelon’s 1,000-MW Wolf Hollow gas-fired combined cycle plant began producing power in December 2016. The Wolf Hollow plant is one of two twin facilities designed and built in Texas for Exelon by Zachry Group. At the heart of this highly efficient plant is a 7ha.02 gas turbine from General Electric. The turbine is cooled with air instead of water, and according to GE, provides the most
EVAPCO is excited to announce the completion of our brand new Key Building. The new manufacturing facility is located across the street from our headquarters in Taneytown, Maryland. EVAPCO products are engineered and manufactured in 24 locations in 10 countries and supplied through a sales network of more than 170 offices. Take a look at the EVAPCO Key Building from start to finish in this time-lapse video. We can’t wait for the new year as production of our new eco-Air Series of products will be in full swing! Watch the video
Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration (ACHR) NEWS staff writer, Kyle Gargaro, attended the EVAPCO 2017 Global Sales Conference this past September. Check out this great article on EVAPCO penetrating the dry market in ACHR NEWS or click here. You can also read Gargaro's personal account of the Global Sales Conference and the HVAC industry in the Opinions section of ACHR News, Where Do You Think the HVAC Puck is Going to Be?
Operator training has become one of the most prevalent areas of deficiency in Process Safety Management (PSM) Programs for refrigeration systems today. High turnover in the refrigeration industry coupled with high complexity system designs and an increasing void of technicians trained in foundational trades are the perfect storm for compliance challenges among operators of large refrigeration systems today. Packaged systems provide many features, attributes and documentation that will satisfy the requirements and criteria for these PSM elements and as a result will significantly reduce an
EVAPCO, Inc. has announced, effective Monday, November 6, 2017, a price increase for the following products in North America: Cooling Towers – 2.5% Closed Circuit Coolers – 4% Evaporators – 4% eco-Condensers – 4% CPA Systems – 3.5% SSTP Penthouse Evaporators – 4% EDF Make-Up Air Units – 3.5% Water Systems – Between 4.5 and 10% Ice Coils – 4%