EVAPCO’S eco-Air Series of EAW Dry Coolers are CTI certified per Standard STD-201.

As the global climate continues to evolve, with rising temperatures and reduced water availability, consumers are exploring cooling technologies which can minimize water consumption. 

Dry coolers use no water for cooling (unless equipped with entering air pre-cooling systems for high ambient temperatures) and rely only on sensible heat transfer from the fluid in the closed loop to the ambient air. Dry coolers have a lower cooling efficiency as they do not utilize latent heat transfer for cooling, therefore they require more surface area and airflow for heat transfer. These requirements result in equipment with a physically larger footprint compared to evaporative cooling equipment, and typically higher operating horsepower. Dry coolers are also limited to providing leaving fluid temperatures higher than the ambient dry bulb temperature. When utilized with entering air pre-cooling systems, dry coolers can provide lower leaving temperatures and be viably applies to conventional HVAC applications, while only utilizing water in the hot summer months.

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