evapco cartoucherie
As part of a sustainable development policy, the City of Toulouse and the SEM for the development of Greater Toulouse Oppidea wanted to connect the ZAC Cartoucherie to the city's heating network for its heat needs. In the summer of 2022, two closed-type Evapco ESWA 142-34I air-cooling towers of 1250kW were installed in the P3 car park substation on the Zac de la cartoucherie tranche 2 in Toulouse (31) for the contracting authority Eneriance and its AMO Coriance. EVAPCO, Inc. was selected because the Super Low Sound Fan (SLSF) met sound requirements. Also, thermal performance is guaranteed with
chc news release
CHC has been named by EVAPCO as a manufacturer’s representative for Arizona, expanding its responsibilities in the Western US. “CHC has extensive knowledge of EVAPCO’s capabilities, technology, and product lines,” said Jamie Facius, VP of North America Sales. “For years, they’ve served us elsewhere as a valuable partner in the West. They know the importance of developing fruitful relationships in the markets they serve. “I’m very excited to see that we can expand the role of CHC,” added Facius. “Their expertise in the market, with our technology and its specification, make them a great fit for
xpak fill news release
EVAPCO’s AXS Cooling Towers now feature the New XPak™ Fill. The new PVC media, a bonded block fill, provides the greatest capacity in a factory-assembled cooling tower – when compared to other cooling towers with a nominal 12- by 22-foot, or a 14- by 24-foot box size – offering a range of capacity from 317 to 1,405 nominal tons. AXS induced-draft, crossflow cooling towers thermal capacity is independently certified by the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) and, in addition, independently certified by the International Building Code (IBC) to withstand seismic and wind load forces in North