arid fin pak dry coil evapco


  • Superior dry heat transfer
  • Plume reduction/ablation
  • 5/8” 304L stainless steel tubes
  • Marine-grade aluminum fins
  • ASME B31.5 code compliant

Product Features

The most advanced dry cooling solution

ARID fin Pak® dry cooling coils are constructed with 5/8” diameter 304L stainless steel tubing and marine-grade aluminum fins. The stainless-steel tubing meets the requirements of ASME B31.5 refrigerant piping code. Standard ARID fin Pak coils are designed with a fin density of 10 fins per inch for maximum heat transfer efficiency in the smallest plan area.

Optional fin densities are available, consult the factory or your local rep for selections and pricing.

The SST 304L round tubes are fitted into the aluminum fin plate and hydraulically expanded; EVAPCO’s precisely controlled hydraulic expansion process results in a more consistent contact between the tube and fin plate than conventional mechanical expansion methods. The entire ARID fin Pak is pressure tested to 390 psig, evacuated and nitrogen charged prior to final assembly and shipment.

Water conscious
arid fin comparison

An added advantage of the ARID fin Pak in hybrid units is a significantly higher dry-bulb switchover temperature, enabling units to be run completely dry for the majority of the year.

An average of 30% of the load is always rejected through the dry coil, resulting in water savings even when the spray pump is energized, making this the ultimate solution for water reduction.

Plume reduction and abatement

In evaporative mode, the ARID fin Pak heats saturated air prior to discharge from the cooling tower, resulting in a significantly reduced plume.

Units equipped with the ARID fin Pak coil are capable of running a significant portion of the year fully in dry mode, completely eliminating any plume.

Unmatched in the cooling industry

EVAPCO has gone a step further with this technology by applying it in-series as a persistent part of the cooling solution, rather than a separate system within the cooling tower; no other manufacturer can provide such a solution.

With this technology, EVAPCO is proud to offer two cooling solutions that stand unmatched in the industry, the eco ATWB-H closed circuit cooler, and the ATC-DC evaporative condenser.