EVAPCO has a full spectrum of CTI certified heat rejection equipment, ranging from fully evaporative to fully dry systems.

The Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) is globally recognized for performance validation of evaporative, hybrid and dry cooling equipment. EVAPCO is the only manufacturer that offers CTI certified heat rejection equipment ranging from fully evaporative all the way to dry and, currently, the only manufacturer with a CTI certified dry cooler product line.

Overstating performance allows for manufacturers to provide customers with undersized equipment which can result in efficiency losses, higher utility consumption, and processes being put at risk of not meeting fluid temperatures at peak ambient conditions. EVAPCO invests significant time and resources into CTI certification to protect customers from underperforming equipment and expensive field testing requirements for non-CTI certified equipment.

Who is CTI?

CTI is an independent third-party organization who validates the published thermal performance of evaporative, hybrid and dry heat rejection equipment for participating manufacturers. Membership is voluntary and requires all products listed in the program to be rated on a uniform scale. CTI was established in 1983 and is comprised of 84 individual manufacturers and almost 200 certified product lines. Prior to the founding of CTI, engineers and end users had no resources to verify the thermal performance ratings of heat rejection equipment. CTI’s independent verification of thermal performance ratings helps level the playing field between equipment manufacturers and allows engineers and end users to make a confident, informed decision when specifying and purchasing cooling equipment.

CTI Thermal Performance Testing & Certification

CTI Standard (STD) 201 is presented in three parts:

  • STD-201RS, Performance Rating of Evaporative Equipment, covers the testing, ratings and published data requirements for evaporative and hybrid cooling towers and coolers
  • STD-201 Dry RS, Performance Rating of Dry Fluid Coolers, covers testing, ratings, and published data requirements for dry fluid coolers
  • STD-201OM, Operations Manual for Thermal Performance Certification of Evaporative and Air-Cooled Heat Rejection Equipment, monitors compliance with STD-201RS and STD-201 Dry RS


To certify a product, manufacturers must subscribe to the following requirements:

  1. Pay testing and certification fees.
  • Annual CTI certification program fees – for new, renewing, or revised certifications
  • Labor costs for review, consultation, record keeping, test report preparation and other administrative tasks by the CTI administrator
  • Fees associated with conducting testing of the subject units – Licensed Certification Test Agent fees, test unit construction costs, test facility operating costs, etc.
  1. Submit the “Data of Record”.
  • Specific design information and detailed component breakdown for all product models
  • Thermal performance ratings
  • Rating methodology
  1. Test thermal performance.
  • Initial thermal performance qualification in accordance with ATC-105 (evaporative products) & ATC-105DS (dry products) of an individual model selected by the CTI administrator
  • Annual reverification on a different model selected by the CTI administrator
  1. Publish data to the public.
  • Performance data for at least ten different operating conditions for all certified models in each product line (for all operating conditions listed in STD-201RS or STD-201 Dry RS)
  • Physical data for each certified product model in the form of a catalog, bulletin, or electronic equivalent


CTI's licensed test agencies representatives often travel to manufacturers to conduct testing. Testing conditions must be set within the following given parameters:

For Cooling Towers & Evaporative/Hybrid Closed Circuit Coolers:

System of Measurement SI Units IP Units
Wet Bulb Temperature 10°C to 32.2°C 50°F to 90°F
Maximum Process Fluid Temperature 51.7°C 125°F
Minimum Range 2.2°C 4°F
Minimum Approach 2.8°C 5°F
Barometric Pressure (Cooling Towers) 77.8 kPa to 105 kPa 23 in Hg to 31 in Hg
Barometric Pressure (Closed Circut Coolers) 91.4 kPa to 105 kPa 27 in Hg to 31 in Hg

For Dry Coolers:

System of Measurement SI Units IP Units
Dry Bulb Temperature 5°C to 50°C 41°F to 122°F
Maximum Process Fluid Temperature 100°C 212°F
Minimum Range 2.2°C 4°F
Minimum Approach 2.8°C 5°F
Barometric Pressure 91.4 kPa to 105 kPa 27 in Hg to 31 in Hg

EVAPCO’s CTI Certified Product Lines

EVAPCO has the following product lines certified. CTI disclosures show valuable information for EVAPCO’s certified products, click any product line to see it’s CTI disclosure.

Cooling Towers:

AT Counterflow Induced Draft

AXS Crossflow Induced Draft

LSTE & LPT Forced Draft

Evaporative/ Hybrid Closed Circuit Coolers:

ESWA, ESWB & ESW4 Evaporative Induced Draft

ATWB, eco-ATWB, eco-ATWB-E & eco-ATWB-H Evaporative Induced Draft

LSWE, LRWB, eco-LSWE & eco-LRWB Evaporative Forced Draft

Air Cooled Closed Circuit Coolers

EAW Air Cooled Induced Draft

EVAPCO is currently the only manufacturer with a CTI certified dry cooler product line! Click here to read more about the CTI certification of EVAPCO’s eco-Air Series.

Improving the understanding of CTI certification helps show the tremendous value of purchasing CTI certified equipment. Non-CTI certified equipment require expensive field testing as the only way to ensure thermal performance. If the unit is undersized as a result of manufacturers overstating performance, it will struggle to meet the design fluid temperatures during peak ambient conditions, therefore resulting in higher operating costs and overall reduction in system efficiency. CTI certification eliminates liability for consulting engineers and gives owners peace of mind.

For more information about CTI, visit https://www.cti.org/.