LA EVAPCO Chillers
A recent Los Angeles Times article has showcased EVAPCO's state-of-the-art chillers, which will be utilized in the cooling systems of the innovative all-electric hospital set to open in 2025. The project, led by UCI Health, aims to create a cutting-edge healthcare facility that focuses on energy efficiency, sustainability, and improved patient care. The article highlights the hospital's ambitious goals to reduce its carbon footprint and achieve net-zero carbon emissions, while providing exceptional healthcare services. A critical component of this endeavor is the implementation of advanced
Troy Reineck Contributes Expertise to ACHR Article on Evaporative Cooling
We are thrilled to announce that our very own Troy Reineck, known as "EVAPCO's Professor," was one of the industry experts invited to share their insights on evaporative cooling in a comprehensive article published by ACHR News. The article emphasizes the growing significance of energy-efficient cooling solutions and explores the critical role evaporative cooling plays in achieving sustainability objectives. Several experts, including Troy Reineck, were asked to provide their expertise on the development, implementation, and benefits of evaporative cooling systems. During his interview