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U.S.-based OEM Evapco has installed its first low-charge ammonia (R717) split refrigeration systems at a cold storage facility in Reno, Nevada. The project was completed in partnership with specialist contractor Ti Cold, which views the technology as “revolutionary” for the industry. The new Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center’s five cold rooms and loading dock are cooled by 10 Evapcold LCR-S Split Systems, which provide a total of 676TR (2.4MW) of cooling capacity with just 4,664lbs (2,116kg) of ammonia. Each system consists of a rooftop adiabatic air-cooled condensing unit and two ceiling-mounted
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Data centers rely heavily on the capability and optimal performance of heat rejection equipment being utilized to function efficiently. When conserving water is a primary goal, careful attention must be given to the heat rejection equipment being specified. Data center cooling applications can be served by either an open-loop cooling tower or a closed-circuit cooler. The requirements of the application, location of the facility, local utility costs, water availability, and environmental considerations are the primary factors when choosing between the two. Click here to read the full article.