Designed for both evaporative and dry cooling, EVAPCO's Eco closed circuit coolers feature vastly improved efficiency and thus capacity over other models. 


  • 25% increase in capacity in the same footprint/fan motor HP as a traditional smooth-tube cooler
  • Decreased energy consumption in the same footprint as a traditional smooth-tube cooler
  • 40-45°F targeted ambient dry bulb switchover temperature, leading to greatly reduced water consumption


eco lswe evapco
  • All of the same benefits of the Eco-ATWB, but in a forced draft unit
  • Capable of being placed inside of a building and attached to ductwork
  • Able to fit in locations with greater height restrictions or dimensional restrictions


eco-atwb-e cooler evapco
  • All of the same benefits as the eco-ATWB, but now configured as a dual-coil, dual pump, two cell unit
  • Three modes of operation: Evaporative, Dry, and Wet/Dry efficient mode
  • Uses the SAGE control system to maximize water/energy savings by running the unit most efficiently based on real time load conditions
  • EVAPCO’s most energy/water efficient unit combined


eco ATWB H Evapco cooler hybrid
  • One of EVAPCO's genuine hybrid units
  • The ONLY evaporative cooler featuring dry cooling in series with evaporative
  • Targeted ambient dry bulb switchover temperatures for full load at 60°F
  • GREATLY reduced water consumption/evaporation rate.  Even when the spray pumps are engaged, the dry coil rejects 30% of the heat load, so the evaporative coil is always evaporating less.
  • Plume abatement/elimination