Cooling towers can often experience mineral/scale buildup on the exterior surfaces of their air inlet louvers. Improper water treatment, insufficient bleed rates, and/or excessive cycling of the fan motors are the most typical causes. Since the louver material is constructed of lightweight PVC, it cannot withstand the rigors of heavy mechanical cleaning.  Therefore, DO NOT USE A WIRE BRUSH OR PRESSURE WASHER TO REMOVE THE MINERALS/SCALE FROM THE AIR INLET LOUVERS. This method of cleaning will damage and/or destroy the louvers. 

Man Removing Louvers

The best method of removing the minerals/scale from the air inlet louvers is very simple:  Remove the louver assemblies and let them soak in the cold water basin of the unit. The water treatment chemicals in the unit will neutralize and dissolve the mineral buildup. The time required for soaking the inlet louvers depends on the severity of the buildup. For more information, please contact your local EVAPCO sales representative.