The amount of water saved by using the EVAPCO Water Saver™ heavily depends on how many cycles of concentration (COC) the evaporative unit is currently running. It could be advantageous to inquire about this type of water treatment if the system is currently running < 4-5 COC.

The total gallons of water saved by using the EVAPCO Water Saver with an evaporative cooling system will be dependent on four main variables:   

  1. The current cycles of concentration (COC) 
  1. The system heat load 
  1. The makeup water quality 
  1. The recovery rate of the Water Saver

The EVAPCO Water Saver

In order to correctly calculate water savings, EVAPCO must be provided information on the anticipated or historical system heat load. The customer or representative will also need to send a site-specific makeup water sample to the EVAPCO World Headquarters in Taneytown, MD for free testing in our state-of-the-art water systems laboratory. Understanding variables 1 ,2 and 3 will allow EVAPCO to properly engineer a Water Saver pretreatment system specifically for your project. Please contact your local EVAPCO sales representative for more information.