You can find the coil volume of your closed circuit cooler in 3 places. Each model’s product brochure contains this important information. Visit our comprehensive Document Library to locate up-to-date materials related to your specific fluid cooler. You may also find the coil volume in the project submittal, or within EVAPCO’s selection software, Spectrum.

If you do not have access to any of the above or the unit is an older unit and no current brochure is available, please reach out to your local EVAPCO sales representative for more information.

Please be sure to double check the following three locations for more details: 

  1.  Each EVAPCO closed circuit cooler product brochure.  All current brochures can be found within this website; search the Document Library for your specific unit’s information.
  2.  If you have access to EVAPCO’s selection software, Spectrum, coil volumes are listed with each unit. 
  3. All EVAPCO closed circuit cooler submittals from the year 2020 and newer have a section on the technical data sheet that provides the coil volume.