Pulse~Pure® is a pulse electric field device (PEFD) designed to control scale, corrosion, and microbiological growth in evaporative cooling systems by emitting high and low frequency electrical charges into the passing water.  This chemical-free water treatment system has been approved for roughly 75% of makeup water sources in North America. To have your makeup water source tested for use with Pulse~Pure®, contact EVAPCO Water Systems at (410) 756-2600 or your local EVAPCO sales representative.

In some geographies, a lack of mineral content in the makeup water may not allow for proper precipitant formation using Pulse~Pure® technology to treat the spray/condenser water. This lack of precipitant could lead to higher than acceptable corrosion rates throughout the system, causing premature failure of the equipment’s wetted surfaces. EVAPCO uses a proprietary water modeling process, in conjunction with an in-house water systems laboratory, to determine where Pulse~Pure® water treatment will be successful. 

In other areas, mineral content is so high that low cycles of concentration (COC), based on our water modeling, is the only way to achieve success using a Pulse~Pure® system. In these instances, it may be very difficult (if not impossible) to actually control the system and achieve these low COC values, so EVAPCO elects to decline those applications. Part of the water modeling process for Pulse~Pure® water treatment also includes a prediction for how much precipitant will be formed. If this value is too high, it would cause maintenance-related headaches for customers; therefore, those applications are declined. 

Pulse Pure System

Pulse~Pure® was designed and is sold only for project sites with approved makeup water qualities. Additionally, it has only been tested and approved by EVAPCO with use on evaporative cooling equipment for treatment of spray/condenser water systems. Please download our Pulse~Pure® brochure for more information and have your makeup water source tested for free in our state-of-the-art water systems laboratory to ensure this water treatment option will work for you.