The use of solid chemistry in water treatment will result in lower shipping costs, the elimination of drum disposal, the elimination of chemical spills and the necessity of spill containment, as well as a reduction in required PPE.

Smart Shield® solid chemistry water treatment is available for cooling towers, coolers and condensers, and  has many advantages over liquid chemistry.  Smart Shield® solid chemistry contains a higher percentage of active ingredients than liquid chemistry, resulting in lower shipping costs.  Because the product package sizes are much smaller, the chemistry is much more easily transported to hard-to-access points, such as the roof, where some equipment is located.  Spent Smart Shield® solid chemistry can be put into regular trash, eliminating the need for hazardous waste disposal.  It also eliminates the need for chemical spill containment basins and spill kit materials.  EVAPCO’s solid chemistry water treatment is safe to handle with limited PPE, but the required PPE should be observed at each site specifically.


Factory Mounted Smart Shield Water Treatment on Unit

For more information about this solid chemistry approach to water treatment, please download our Smart Shield® brochure or contact your local EVAPCO sales representative.