How EVAPCO LMP Design Their Commercial and Industrial CO2 Racks

EVAPCO is excited to announce the recent episode of The Refrigeration Mentor Podcast, featuring guest speaker Francois Aucoin, Engineering Director for EVAPCO LMP. In the episode, Francois discusses the building and designing of CO2 refrigeration systems and highlights key considerations for servicing and troubleshooting these systems. He also delves into the unique features of EVAPCO LMP's CO2 commercial and industrial system designs, including the Mechanical Depressurization oil system and the Hot Gas Defrost System for High and Low pressure defrosts. Additionally, Francois discusses the benefits of understanding PID, electrical, and controls diagrams when working with CO2 systems and the importance of proper installation procedures, deep evacuation, and CO2 charging steps. EVAPCO's Purity+ system is also highlighted in the episode, specifically the Patent Heat Reclaim feature, which utilizes heat from before and after the Gas Cooler. Tune in to The Refrigeration Mentor Podcast to hear more from Francois Aucoin and learn about the latest advancements in CO2 refrigeration systems.