EVAPCO, Inc. is Open for Business: A Letter from Our President/CEO

EVAPCO Overview with Overlaid Text


Dear Evapco Customers, 

As you know, numerous states and localities in the United States have issued various “shelter in place” type orders which require certain businesses or, in some cases, all “non-essential” businesses to close in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.   

The purpose of this communication is to confirm that ALL Evapco USA operations, including subsidiary companies, are open for business and ready to do our part to help our great country navigate the difficult waters created by Covid-19. Evapco is currently operating with full force and complying with all Covid-19 directives while we design and manufacture products which serve the critical infrastructure needs of our country, including business sectors in the food industry, healthcare, HVAC, pharmaceutical and power industries. Evapco’s leadership team has been monitoring ongoing developments related to the Covid-19 outbreak and making appropriate adjustments to help assure continuation of all Evapco USA operations for all customers. Our objective is to operate in a “business as usual” mode from our customers’ perspective, although our significant remote work activity, supply chain management focus and various other programs we have in place are certainly not business as usual from within our company.   

Evapco is operating with the safety and financial security of our employees and their families as priority #1, because we realize that our entire team is required to serve the important business needs of Evapco customers, especially during this time of crisis. We have implemented travel bans, moved meetings to online platforms, transitioned a significant portion of our office workforce to a remote work environment, issued precautions to achieve social distancing and maintained a clean, safe working environment for our employees. Evapco is an employee owned company with an incredibly dedicated workforce which is prepared and ready to rise to all challenges created by these challenging times. We are here for you when you need us!

Five years ago, Evapco restyled our company logo by adding a “for LIFE” tagline. At that time, we explained our business philosophy reflected by the new logo, but we didn’t know just how germane the “for LIFE” element would be in the year 2020. The extreme commitment of Evapco employees and sales representatives working together breeds a level of innovation, craftsmanship and professionalism that is second to none – and EVAPCO for LIFE best sums up that commitment to our customers right now. 

On behalf of the entire Evapco family, I wish to say that our hearts go out to all those impacted by this terrible pandemic. This too shall pass, but during this difficult time please know that Evapco is made up of men and women you can count on for a lifetime. 


Sincerely and respectfully yours,

William G. Bartley

President & Chief Executive Officer