Thermal Ice Storage

EVAPCO is proud to introduce our new Thermal Ice Storage product application video! This product video was developed to promote our global marketing of EVAPCO's Extra-P™ Technology Ice Coils in Thermal Ice Storage applications. Thermal Ice Storage provides environmental, energy and cost saving benefits to the end user by shifting power demand to off-peak hours. In addition, Thermal Ice Storage: 

Reduces carbon emissions by eliminating the requirement of additional power plants 

Reduces connected kW of associated equipment in an air conditioning system by supplying colder than normal chilled water temperatures (1°C/34°F) to the building 

Lowers the installed and operating cost of the entire air conditioning system 

Contributes to LEED credits under Energy & Atmosphere and Innovation in Design by demonstrating energy cost savings over baseline building energy costs established by ASHRAE 90.1-2004. 

Recently received approval by Building Green to be included in their GreenSpec® Directory-the comprehensive guide to environmentally responsible building products 

Ice provides an energy efficient cooling system that is economically responsible and meets your commitment to the environment. By diminishing the demand on the utility's electrical infrastructure, ice reduces the cost of your buildings electrical and HVAC system components helping the utility avoid building new power plants, therefore reducing carbon emissions. 

Learn more about Thermal Ice Storage by viewing the video on EVAPCO's website at For information on how to incorporate Thermal Ice Storage into your new or existing system design contact EVAPCO or send an e-mail to