Reduced water availability, rising water costs and regulatory changes are driving owners and operators of cooling equipment to consider technologies which use the least amount of water whenever possible.

EVAPCO’s eco-Air series of dry and adiabatic coolers provide maximum water savings, reduced maintenance, and simplified operation.  The ‘closed loop’ nature of these systems ensures that no outside contaminants are introduced into the cooling system and downtime is reduced compared to open systems.  Read more about the advantages of Closed Loop Systems here .

The highly versatile eco-Air series of dry and adiabatic coolers can be applied to a variety of applications, from HVAC applications to heavy industrial processes, data centers to manufacturing processes and everything in between.

The eco-Air series of dry coolers are CTI certified per STD-201.  Thermal performance certification by CTI (Cooling Technology Institute) is the best way for a consumer to verify that the cooling equipment they are considering will meet performance as stated, when it matters the most!  Read more about the value of CTI certification, and the recent dry cooler certification here.