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MTP Matrix Transfer Package with ALP piping

The MTP Matrix Transfer Package combines the function of a vertical accumulator vessel with a high differential pressure pump to transfer liquid from the accumulator to the high pressure receiver without the need for hot gas assist. The MTP is the industry’s only factory-built transfer package system to provide liquid transfer without hot gas assist utilizing a low-probability pump as defined by IIAR2. The liquid management, transfer control, and pump operation is controlled by the Matrix Liquid Transfer Control Panel (LTC).

The MTP Matrix Transfer Package represents the latest innovation in ammonia system design for liquid transfer requirements. The MTP features RVS' NEW Matrix Liquid Transfer Control (LTC) Panel and RVS' NEW Advanced Low-Probability (ALP) ammonia transfer pump by Teikoku. These are combined with RVS' MVA Matrix Vertical Accumulator Package to form the NEW MTP. The MTP provides an all-in-one, factory built, engineered solution to ammonia system liquid transfer requirements from the low pressure to the high pressure side of the system. RVS' single package system eliminates traditional combinations of multiple vessels or packages for liquid transfer, reducing charge and eliminating the need for hot gas assist. The MTP Matrix Transfer Package system with Matrix LTC is state of the art and confidently backed by RVS with an EXCLUSIVE and COMPREHENSIVE 3-YEAR WARRANTY.


Standard catalogued models range in size from 24” to 144” outside diameter in a vertical vessel orientation with capacities from 56 to 5415 tons. Capacity range is based on 95F liquid supply temperature and varies based on the suction temperature. Surge volumes range from 9 to 621.2 cubic feet.

  • Eliminates Hot Gas Assisted Transfers and a Separate Transfer Vessel / Package Reducing Charge
  • Eliminates Lost Compression Cost Required for Hot Gas Transfer Systems
  • Eliminates Breakdown / Maintenance of Transfer Vessel Insulation and Vapor Barrier Associated With Hot Gas Systems
  • Eliminates Three Way Valve and Reduces Maintenance of Check Valves with VFD Soft Start
  • Reduces Thermal Shock, Stress, and Hammer for a SAFER Method of Liquid Transfer
  • RVS' NEW and Innovative ALP Pump by Teikoku - Low Flow, High Head, Low NPSHR Performance
  • Eliminates Risk of Leaks with a Complete Secondary Containment, Seal-less Design – Meets IIAR2 Criteria for a Low-Probability Pump
  • Simplifies Required Field Piping Reducing Field Installation Cost and Time
  • Saves Floor Space with a Smaller Footprint and Compact Pump Design
  • More Efficient, Faster, and Continuous Liquid Transfer
  • Complete Protection of the Pump(s) and Automatic Pump On/Off With Matrix LTC Panel
  • Digital Liquid Level Display and High/Low Level Monitoring With Safety Cutouts and Alarms
  • External Communication and Remote Monitoring
  • Factory Wired, Packaged, and Tested – Simple, Ready-To-Go Installation with Single Point Power Connection

ASME, 250 PSIG, Accumulator Vessel

  • National Board Registration
  • Vertical Vessel Configuration Available From 24" to 144" Outside Diameter
  • Dual Safety Relief Valve Assembly Set at 250 PSIG (Shipped Loose)
  • Pump Vent, Oil Pot Vent and Relief Piping Internally Routed to Vessel Vapor Space
  • Stainless Steel Nameplate Bracket and Standoff to Prevent Corrosion

#5 Liquid Level Column

  • Liquid Level Indicating Column with Isolation Valves
  • Five Level Indicators with Frost Shields and Oil Drain
  • Danfoss Cable Type, Electronic Level Probe
  • High Level Shutdown Mechanical Float Switch for Compressor Protection

RVS 20-200-10-ALP

  • NEW and Innovative Ammonia Transfer Pump Sets the Industry Standard
  • Manufactured by Teikoku – Market Leader in Double Containment, Seal-less, Leak Proof Low-Probability Pumps
  • High Efficiency Canned Motor Pump
  • Exclusive TRG Bearing Wear Monitor
  • Low Flow, Low NPSHR, High Head Capability in 460 or 575 Volt Service
  • Pressurized Circulation Design Eliminates Motor Cooling Line

ASME, 400 PSIG, Oil Pot

  • Oil Pot Mounted and Piped With All Required Service Valves
  • Single, Replaceable Cartridge Style, Safety Relief Valve
  • Relief Valve Discharge Piped Internal to the Main Vessel Vapor Space
  • Optional Dual Relief Assembly

RVS Quality

  • Surfaces Prepped to SSPC-SP6
  • Vessel Hydrostatically Pressure Tested in Accordance with ASME BPVC, Section VIII, Div. 1
  • Factory Package Piping Welded and Tested in Accordance With ASME B31.5
  • Entire Assembly is Fully Evacuated to Eliminate Moisture and Charged with Dry Nitrogen
  • Entire Assembly is Coated with a High Solids Epoxy Paint
  • Controls Wired, Programmed, and Tested
  • 300 or 350 PSIG Vessel Design Rating
  • Second Transfer Pump – For Either Back-up or Simultaneous Operation
  • Sub-Cooling Coil
  • Stainless Steel Vessel, Oil Pot and/or Nozzles
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT)
  • SA333 Grade 6 Low Temperature or Stainless Steel Pipe
  • 1.5 kw Oil Pot Heater (Service by Others)
  • Radiography of Pipe Welds
  • Seismic Design Calculations

Matrix LTC – Liquid Transfer Control Panel FeaturesMTP-matrix-panel

  • NEMA Type 1 Enclosure with Filtered Ventilation Inlet/Outlet (Without Panel Heater)
  • Door Mounted Rotary Handle with Fused Disconnect
  • Variable Frequency Drive for Nominal 10 HP Pump Motor, 380V/3PH/80-120Hz Output
  • Simple, Keypad Adjustment of VFD Speed Control (Discharge Pressure)
  • Both Vessel and Pump Pressure Monitoring
  • Transfer Counts with Operator Reset
  • Analog Output (4-20mA Signal) for Vessel Liquid Level to Alternate Devices
  • Digital Output for Alarm Notification
  • Status Monitoring of Pump Motor Amps and Differential Pressure, Auto Stop/Restart Control of Pump(s)
  • Pump Bearing Wear Circuit Board with Reverse Rotational Monitoring
  • Vessel High Level Float Switch Monitoring
  • Vent Solenoid Control
  • Door Mounted High Contrast LCD Display Screen and Navigational Keypad for Monitoring and Set-Point Entry
  • Remote Communication Via Modbus RTU (Serial) Read-Only Holding Registers
  • Options Include – NEMA Type 1 or Type 3R Enclosure with Heater, Two Pump Arrangement and 575 Volt Service

RVS 20-200-10-ALP Advanced Low-Probability Pumpalp-pump

Nominal Specifications

  • 20 GPM at 200 PSID
  • 10 HP, 380V / 3 PH / 110 Hz
  • 3600 to 7200 RPM
  • 460 or 575 Volt Service
  • 3 Feet NPSHR
  • Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump
  • Pressurized Recirculation
  • TRG Bearing Wear Indicator
  • CSA Approved

ALP Advantages

  • NEW Technology Pump Manufactured By Teikoku
  • Meets IIAR2 Definition for Low-Probability Pump – Seal-less, Leak Proof Design with Complete Secondary Containment
  • No Environmental Risk, Safer Method of Ammonia Transfer
  • More Powerful Than Typical Motors Coupled to Fixed Speed Pumps
  • Faster Rotation with Enhanced Rotor-Dynamic Effects
  • Advanced Hydraulics Can be Tuned to Variable Process Requirements
  • Patented TRG Bearing Wear Indicator
  • Canned Motor Pump – Non-Magnetic Drive
  • No Safety Precautions Required to Service Pump Due to Magnet
  • Less Maintenance Requirements
  • No Shaft Alignment or Rigid Foundation Required
  • Only (1) Moving Part and (2) Bearings – No Ball Bearings
  • Compact Design, Smaller Overall Pump / Motor Package
  • Quiet Operation, Energy Efficient, Variable Frequency Drive
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