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Ice Tank Installation Example
Ice Tank Installation
Thermal Energy Storage

ICE-PAK® thermal energy storage units feature EVAPCO’s patented Extra-Pak® ice coil technology with elliptical tubes that that increase packing efficiency over round tube designs. This technology yields optimum performance and compact use of space.

  • Latent storage capacity from 370 to 1,000 ton-hours
  • Industrial design
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • High-Density Insulation
  • State-of-the-Art Controls
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Ice Build

During the off-peak period, the glycol chiller is operational. The glycol chilling system generates low temperature glycol that circulates through the tubes of the thermal storage coils. The circulating glycol removes heat from the water in the tanks, causing the water to freeze onto the exterior surface of the thermal storage coils.


During the melt-out phase, the refrigeration system is off. Depending on the melt-out type, either glycol circulates through the tubes of the coils or the tank water circulates over the coils to extract the energy from the ice. This cold glycol or ice water then circulates through the primary side of a heat exchanger. Simultaneously, the building’s chilled water circulates through the heat exchanger where it is cooled and sent to the air handling units to provide cooling for the building.

Industrial-Grade Design
Coil Construction
  • Hot-Dipped Galvanized steel coil
  • ASME B31.5 design and construction
  • 300 psig working pressure
Tank Construction
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel tank
  • G-235 hot-dip galvanized structural supports
  • High-density insulation isolates tank from exterior structure with no cold bridges
  • R-19.5 insulated sides and R-13 insulated top and bottom
State-of-the-Art Controls
  • Electronic controller with 4-20 mA output signal
  • Mechanical relays for ice charge termination and low level alarm
  • No freeze protection required
Equipment Selection & Supporting Equipment

Every thermal storage application is unique. The size and quantity of ice coils will vary based capacity requirements, layout, and system design. EVAPCO’s team of Ice Coil professionals is ready to provide personal attention and technical support to custom match the most efficient ice coil in the industry with your system needs.

With the proper information, EVAPCO’s Ice Coil professionals can select the best option for your application. As a worldwide leader in manufacturing cooling towers, evaporative condensers and closed circuit coolers, we are equipped to plan and build every part of your thermal storage solution. Contact one of our EVAPCO Ice Coil professionals and begin designing your custom thermal storage solution today.

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