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Smart shield water treatment system for towers
Smart Shield water treatment for towers

Sustainable Solid Chemistry Water Treatment System

Smart Shield® provides a complete, reliable, solid chemistry, water treatment system specifically engineered and factory mounted, piped and wired for open cooling towers. 

Controlled Release and Monitored Release, to protect a broad range of evaporative cooling water applications. These systems incorporate a modular design to simplify installation and minimize the floor space required in the mechanical room for water treatment. Solid chemistry utilized by the Smart Shield® systems eliminate the potential for liquid spills and reduces shipping, handling and storage weight of chemicals by up to 80%. Smart Shield® includes all the components required for an effective water treatment system by controlling scale, corrosion, and micro-biological growth.

  • Easiest startup and commission in the industry
  • Controlled Release and Monitored Release cycles
  • Modular design to simplify installation and minimize the floor space required in the mechanical room for water treatment
  • Solid chemistry utilized by the Smart Shield systems eliminate the potential for liquid spills
  • Reduces shipping, handling and storage weight of chemicals by up to 80%
  • Safe chemistry handling via specialized packaging
Controlled Release

Smart Shield® Controlled Release System is designed for smaller systems and those with lower inhibitor chemistry demand. It uses controlled release chemistry to provide uniform treatment over a 30 day period of wet operation. Whenever the system’s condenser pump is in operation, recirculated water flows through the feeders coming in contact with the solid, polymer coated, chemistry, and then treated water is returned to the pump suction. This ensures consistent treatment whenever the cooling equipment is operating.

Monitored Release

Smart Shield® Monitored Release System is designed for larger systems and those with higher inhibitor chemistry demand.  It uses an advanced inhibitor probe to automatically monitor and maintain precise inhibitor residual throughout the evaporative cooling water application.  The solid chemistry for the Monitored Release Feeder is manufactured with an inert tracer dye which the advanced inhibitor probe can detect through the use of fluorescent light.  Using the controller that is included with the package, the Monitored Release System automatically determines the amount of chemistry in the condenser water and ensures continually precise control, even as the system’s thermal load fluctuates, as depicted by the graph above.

Bio-Control Feeder OX (BCF - OX)
  • Designed to optimize the feed of a granular oxidizing biocide
  • Factory mounted on an independent skid
  • Incorporates motorized ball valve to control blow down is pre-piped on the skid
Bio-Control Feeder NX (BCF - NX)
  • Patented feeder to optimize the intermittent feed of a granular non-oxidizing biocide
  • Factory installed on both the Controlled Release or Monitored Release Systems
Conductivity Control System
  • Factory assembled, piped and wired  
  • Maximizes water efficiency in conjunction with the blow down valve pre-piped on the BCF-OX skid
  • Data logging via USB port and enhanced data acquisition capabilities
  • Large touchscreen interface
  • NEMA 4X construction
Maintenance and Monitoring

Your Smart Shield® purchase includes the first year of chemistry and service by network of Factory Authorized Service Partners. Contact your EVAPCO Representative or Authorized Water Systems Service Partner for additional details. 

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