2010 Sales Show Logo
EVAPCO's 2010 Global Sales Conference took place September 20th & 21st in Baltimore with over 450 participants from around the globe. Themed “Innovation and Solution Revolution”, the conference exploded with exciting music, great presentations, and the fast paced tempo never slowed. New products include the eco-ATWB and eco-ATWB-E Closed Circuit Coolers , which optimize latent and sensible heat exchange with EVAPCO's new Ellipti- fin coil design (patent pending). Other Innovations and Solutions: New Equipment Selection Software - evapSelect Top End Capacity Expansion in the Flagship Advanced
PMC-EQ Super Low Sound Technology Condenser
EVAPCO is proud to introduce optional Super Low Sound Technology for Forced Draft Axial Fan Condensers. This new option expands EVAPCO''s capability to offer Low Sound Solutions for all sound sensitive applications. The PMC-EQ can achieve the sound levels of a similar size forced draft centrifugal condenser while operating at lower power levels. Contact EVAPCO or your Industrial Refrigeration Sales Representative for more details!
Gary Locke honors EVAPCO with Export Achievement Certificate
"U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke Honors Evapco with Export Achievement Certificate" U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke (below) presented the U.S. Commercial Service''s Export Achievement Certificate to Maryland-based Evapco, represented by Gary Rugel, Evapco''s Vice President, International. ARLINGTON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke yesterday presented the U.S. Commercial Service''s Export Achievement Certificate to Evapco, a U.S. manufacturer of large commercial and industrial heat rejection and heat transfer equipment. The certificate honors small- and medium
Thermal Ice Storage
EVAPCO is proud to introduce our new Thermal Ice Storage product application video! This product video was developed to promote our global marketing of EVAPCO's Extra-P™ Technology Ice Coils in Thermal Ice Storage applications. Thermal Ice Storage provides environmental, energy and cost saving benefits to the end user by shifting power demand to off-peak hours. In addition, Thermal Ice Storage: Reduces carbon emissions by eliminating the requirement of additional power plants Reduces connected kW of associated equipment in an air conditioning system by supplying colder than normal chilled