EJET News Release

U.S. manufacturer Evapco has developed an Ejet-branded evaporator for its low-charge ammonia (R717) packaged refrigeration units that uses an ejector to raise the capacity and efficiency of a DX (direct exchange) evaporator almost to the level of a pumped liquid recirculation unit while offering the low charge and stable operation of a direct expansion (DX) system, the company says.

The new technology was showcased with Evapco’s VersaSplit system at the IIAR 2024 Natural Refrigeration Conference & Heavy Equipment Expo, held March 24-27 in Orlando, Florida. Last October, Evapco launched VersaSplit, a condensing unit that the company deems the “world’s first” packaged low-charge ammonia mega-split industrial refrigeration system, with up to six remote DX evaporators operating at different temperatures.

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