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The Evapcold® Rover Pumpout Unit (LCR-PO) provides the ability to pump out a full or partial ammonia charge from a packaged low charge system. This gives facility owners, operators and service technicians peace of mind that ammonia can be safely evacuated from their refrigeration system to ensure safe servicing. Specifically designed for use with the Evapcold® Low Charge Refrigeration (LCR) packages, the Rover is also suitable for any ammonia system.

  • Portable design featuring flat-free tires, trolley handle and optional trailer hitch coupling allows for easy movement onsite
  • Air-cooled design for simple plug-&-play operation
  • Compact size for easy storage on site
  • TEFC 3 HP compressor and 0.5 HP condenser motors for all-weather rooftop operation
  • Factory Mounted PLC Controller comes standard with a color HMI mounted in a weatherproof NEMA 4 enclosure
  • Designed for push-pull liquid & gas pumpout operation with nominal 45.5 lb. per hour suction gas flow for effective ammonia recovery
  • Allows pumpout procedures to be safely implemented by trained technicians
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