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The Evapcold packaged chiller product line consists of 50 models. Each is completely self-contained and has a very low ammonia charge of less than 1.0 lb per TR. Evapcold units come with several optional features and accessories that make them a truly innovative solution for your refrigeration needs. The chiller provides a chilled secondary fluid (glycol) to the refrigeration load, which can be multiple ceiling hung coils, penthouse coils or process loads, making it a truly versatile product.

  • Range in size from 20 to 400 TR
  • Process temperatures ranging from +5ºF to +50ºF chilled fluid temperatures
  • Chilled fluid can feed many diverse applications
  • Energy-efficient water-cooled condensing
  • Energy-efficient variable speed
  • Optional heated fluid loop from condenser and oil cooler waste heat recovery
  • Ground mounted or roof mounted, indoors or outdoors
  • Great match for docks, multiple rooms or smaller rooms with ceiling hung cooling coils or penthouse coils
  • Great match for process cooling loads
LCR-C Chiller Units – Evapcold Advantages
  • Very low ammonia charge – less than 1.0 lb/TR – inherently safe technology
  • Chilled glycol in cooling coils or process load - resulting in no ammonia in refrigerated space
  • Option available for heated glycol using efficient waste heat recovery. This can be used for coil defrosting, reheat or underfloor warming
  • Option available for complete enclosure system with reach-in access
  • Units can be mounted on ground or roof, indoors or outdoors
  • Complete package microprocessor control system with remote monitoring capabilities
  • EVAPCO self-performs 100% of the packaging scope of work
Major Items Included
  • Screw compressor package with variable speed drive
  • Water cooled oil cooler
  • Water cooled plate & frame ammonia condenser (w/ water regulating valve)
  • Chilled fluid plate & frame flooded ammonia evaporator with ASME suction accumulator
  • Complete refrigeration system piping, valves and specialties
  • Ammonia relief valves and header piping
  • Microprocessor control panel
  • Power panel with motor starters, completely wired for single point electrical connection
  • (1) - 460V Electrical feed for easy electrical hookup
  • All electrical power & control wiring within the LCR package is complete
  • Insulated refrigeration piping and components, complete with pipe labeling & valve tags
  • Structural steel base frame
  • Optional complete enclosure system with reach-in access
Easier & Lower Compliance Costs

Evapcold provides inherently safer technology, reducing the regulatory burden to owners and operators, and lowering compliance costs.

  • Chiller contains small ammonia charge and is safer to operate, maintain and work around than traditional systems
  • Allows owners to stay below Threshold Quantities mandated by OSHA & EPA regulations
  • Reduces liability and exposure to fines
  • EVAPCO provides operating and maintenance procedures, product hazard review, tagging, labeling and signage
  • Evapcold complies with applicable codes and standards
Energy Savings

The Evapcold chiller product can reduce a facilities energy consumption and attain annual energy savings through the following features:

  • Thermal properties of ammonia make the Evapcold package more efficient than packaged freon chillers
  • Variable Speed Drives (VFD) on every compressor providing very efficient part load operation
  • The chiller package is water-cooled which reduces system head pressure and energy consumption
  • Very efficient plate and frame heat exchangers provide high thermal efficiency
  • Evapcold’s built-in software provides energy-efficient capacity control and head pressure control

Several optional accessories are available with the Evapcold chiller package to allow you the flexibility to select the configuration best suited for your application.

  • Galvanized steel chiller enclosure, with access doors on all sides and ventilation louvers and fan
  • Cold weather kit includes insulated and heat traced lube oil system
  • Circulating chilled glycol pump, motor starter and associated valves
  • Plate and frame glycol heater (heated from waste heat off compressor discharge) with auxiliary electric immersion heater, circulating pump and motor starter, a great option for coil defrost or reheat, as well as underfloor warming
  • Rigging davit for easy compressor or compressor motor removal
  • Compressor isolation valves
Maintenance Accessories

The Evapcold LCR-C system is designed with significant features to facilitate easy maintenance by the inclusion of such things as:

  • All service or maintenance points are easily accessible from the perimeter of the package, along all four sides of the package
  • Even with the complete enclosure system, easy access in provided on all four (4) sides of the package due to twelve (12) full-size doors that surround the perimeter of the unit
  • Optional rigging davit to easily lift and remove/replace compressor or compressor motor
  • Optional compressor isolation valves
  • Stainless steel piping, eliminating pipe corrosion
  • Cable wire trays for wiring
  • Oil pot for easy oil recovery from low side of system
Easier maintenance, service and training attributes of Evapcold units:
  • The operational hazards are identified through EVAPCO’s product testing, development and system improvement 
  • Pre-engineered, manufactured and tested Evapcold systems are simple to operate.
  • Common Evapcold system designs and components make training and maintenance easier
  • Complete documentation and maintenance procedures are provided
  • Concise, consistent and repeatable operating procedures are provided


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