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Enhance passivation and minimize white rust for galvanized equipment requiring immediate heat load 

The evaporative cooling industry has dealt with the challenge of mitigating white rust issues on galvanized steel evaporative condensers and fluid coolers for many years. This happens all too often when new evaporative units with galvanized steel coils and construction are started up, especially replacement units under immediate heat load. Unfortunately, the industry has been underserved with practical solutions for white rust … until Pass-Protect®.

The Benefits
  • Factory pretreatment (Passiv-Assist®) enhances the speed and effectiveness of properly executed field passivation, including units requiring immediate heat load
  • Field passivation tailored for each location and the site-specific makeup water quality
  • EVAPCO’s network of Factory Authorized Water Treatment Partners are trained to assist in the field passivation
  • Factory Mounted Pulse~Pure® and Smart Shield® systems are designed with ports to aid in passivation field panel install
  • Passivation plan promotes the formation of a passive oxide layer, eliminating the need to feed white rust inhibitors for the life of the unit
EVAPCO's Two-Step Process:

Step 1: Passiv-Assist® Factory Applied Pretreatment

After a new coil is hot-dipped galvanized, EVAPCO applies a proprietary chemical pretreatment which substantially reduces the potential for subsequent white rust formation. Coils that receive the factory pretreatment consistently develop less white rust than untreated galvanized coils across a broad range of makeup water qualities and ongoing water treatment programs. The factory pretreatment does not provide a completely passivated coil. It does, however, make field passivation faster and yield better results. The coils are then assembled into the custom condenser or fluid cooler and shipped to the customer.

Step 2: Field Passivation

EVAPCO coordinates the field passivation service through our network of Factory Authorized Water Treatment Partners and the installing contractor. The site-specific field passivation service includes EVAPCO inhibitor chemistry, feed and control equipment and routine service visits by a local Water Treatment Partner. This usually lasts between 4-8 weeks whereas other properly executed field passivations can take up to 8-12 weeks or require white rust inhibitor to be fed throughout the life of the evaporative cooling equipment.

The Results

Whether the application is a cold storage warehouse, food or beverage processing facility, manufacturing plant, commercial HVAC or another application, the EVAPCO Passivation Solution is applicable across a broad range of makeup water qualities and provides RESULTS.


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