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PHW Closed Circuit Cooler

The new 14’ x 26’ PHW Parallel Hybrid Closed Circuit Cooler was designed to maximize capacity and optimize energy efficiency in EVAPCO’s single largest closed circuit cooler cell available. It offers more capacity and layout flexibility than ever before. The PHW offers high tonnage capability specifically for Industrial Plants, Data Centers, and Large HVAC applications, where the end user requires the fewest number of units, connections, and fans.

This mechanical induced draft, crossflow Closed Circuit Cooler utilizes EVAPCO’s Crosscool™ Internal Tube Enhancement with the patented elliptical tube Sensi-Coil® Technology and includes EVAPCO’s New and Improved XPak™ Crossflow Fill, on both the 14’ x 26’ and the 12’ x 24’ PHW. 

The PHW has undergone extensive thermal testing to ensure each closed-circuit cooler will perform as specified. As with all EVAPCO products, each PHW closed circuit cooler is supplied with a written Thermal Performance Guarantee.

The PHW offers CTI Certified Performance.

PHWHot process fluid enters the coil through the bottom coil connection(s). Cooled water from the unit basin is pumped through spray distribution nozzles and floods over the coil(s).  Ambient air is simultaneously drawn into the unit at the top in parallel flow with the water over the coil. A portion of the recirculated water evaporates into the air stream. This evaporation process and the cooled water flowing over the tubes removes heat from the process fluid. The cooled process fluid leaves the coil through the top coil connection(s) for return to the system.

The recirculated water that was not evaporated falls through a crossflow fill section located below the coil. Air is drawn through the end of the unit and fill section removing additional heat from the water through evaporation. The cooled water collects in the basin for recirculation over the coil.

The hot, saturated air from both the coil and fill sections passes through internal drift eliminators to strip water droplets entrained in the air stream. The unit fan(s) then discharge the saturated air out of the top of the unit at a high velocity, where it dissipates into the atmosphere.

Patented Sensi-Coil® Technology
  • An innovation of the already powerful Thermal Pak II® coil
  • Increases total coil surface area by 20%
  • Features EVAPCO’s patented CrossCool™ Internal Tube Enhancement, increasing heat transfer
XPak™   Bonded Block Fill (14’ Wide & 12’ Wide units)
  • Constructed of inert polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Resistant to rot or decay
  • Capable of water temperatures up to 120°F
  • Flame spread rating less than 25 per ASTM E84
High-Efficiency Drift Eliminators
  • Limits the drift rate to less than 0.002% of the recirculating water rate
  • Reduces water loss during wet operation
  • Constructed of an inert polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Superior Air Inlet Louver Design
  • Constructed of an inert polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Two pass design that minimizes splash-out
Pressurized Water Distribution System

EVAPCO's Zero Maintenance ZMII® spray nozzle remains clog free while providing even and constant water distribution, providing the industry's best performing non-corrosive, maintenance-free water distribution system.

  • ZMII spray nozzles have a 1-1/4" diameter opening and a 1-1/4" splash plate clearance
  • Installed in corrosion-free PVC water distribution pipes that have threaded end caps
  • Provides unequaled coil coverage and scale prevention
Stainless Steel Water Touch Basin
  • Available in Type 304 or Type 316 Stainless Steel
  • Includes the entire basin area including the support columns
  • Welded basin seams for leak-free operation
Stainless Steel Casing & Fan Section
  • Available in Type 304 or Type 316 Stainless Steel
  • Includes the entire upper section
Sound Reducing Options

Available with multiple equipment options to reduce the overall sound generated from the top of the unit. Options include:

  • Super Low Sound Fan
  • Low Sound Fan
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