Adiabatic Unit at ASHRAE
Bill Smith, Associate Content Manager for Chiller & Cooling Best Practices Magazine, discussed the latest chiller and cooling tower innovations at the AHR Expo, including EVAPCO's eco-Air Series Adiabatic Cooler. This eco-friendly cooler is designed to provide optimal thermal performance while also reducing water usage, making it an excellent option for environmentally conscious customers. With its CTI certification and easy maintenance, the eco-Air Series Adiabatic Cooler is a top choice for those looking for an efficient and reliable cooling solution. Read the full article here !
EVAPCO, Inc. is on the lookout for talented individuals to join our growing team across a variety of job opportunities. If you're passionate about innovation and self-improvement, you'll fit right in with the EVAPCO family. We're a team dedicated to excellence, always ready to go the extra mile for our customers, our company, and our future. At EVAPCO, it's the people who make all the difference. As a privately-held, employee-owned organization, you don't just work for the company—you share in its ownership. Every employee plays a crucial role in our success, and we're committed to recognizing
EVAPCO, Inc. is thrilled to share the launch of its latest corporate video, "We Are EVAPCO," which showcases the remarkable growth of the company since its last corporate video release. We have expanded our global reach through strategic acquisitions, new plant construction, facility expansions, and entry into new markets. We take pride in presenting this growth story in our new corporate video and sharing it with our valued customers. At EVAPCO, our success is based on five core principles: dependable products, research and development, dedication to sustainability, a commitment to customer
adiabatic cooler
Bill Smith, Associate Content Manager with Chiller & Cooling Best Practices Magazine, recently wrote an article exploring the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) Standard 201 (STD-201) Thermal Certification Program. The article outlines perspectives from leading manufacturers and emphasizes the investment and bandwidth contributed by CTI by cooling tower manufacturers for the benefit of the industry and its end users. View the full article here:
How EVAPCO LMP Design Their Commercial and Industrial CO2 Racks
EVAPCO is excited to announce the recent episode of The Refrigeration Mentor Podcast, featuring guest speaker Francois Aucoin, Engineering Director for EVAPCO LMP. In the episode, Francois discusses the building and designing of CO2 refrigeration systems and highlights key considerations for servicing and troubleshooting these systems. He also delves into the unique features of EVAPCO LMP's CO2 commercial and industrial system designs, including the Mechanical Depressurization oil system and the Hot Gas Defrost System for High and Low pressure defrosts. Additionally, Francois discusses the
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All quotations offered on or after January 9th must be based on new pricing, and all orders entered on or after February 9th, 2023, must be entered with new/revised increased prices. Current pricing and new pricing will be available in Spectrum January 9th through February 8th, but on February 9th, only new pricing will be available. All Cooling Towers, Options and Accessories - 4% All Closed Circuit Coolers, Options and Accessories - 4% All eco-Air Adiabatic Coolers & Condensers, Dry Coolers, Air Cooled Condensers, Options and Accessories - 4% All Evaporative Condensers, Options and
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As part of a sustainable development policy, the City of Toulouse and the SEM for the development of Greater Toulouse Oppidea wanted to connect the ZAC Cartoucherie to the city's heating network for its heat needs. In the summer of 2022, two closed-type Evapco ESWA 142-34I air-cooling towers of 1250kW were installed in the P3 car park substation on the Zac de la cartoucherie tranche 2 in Toulouse (31) for the contracting authority Eneriance and its AMO Coriance. EVAPCO, Inc. was selected because the Super Low Sound Fan (SLSF) met sound requirements. Also, thermal performance is guaranteed with
chc news release
CHC has been named by EVAPCO as a manufacturer’s representative for Arizona, expanding its responsibilities in the Western US. “CHC has extensive knowledge of EVAPCO’s capabilities, technology, and product lines,” said Jamie Facius, VP of North America Sales. “For years, they’ve served us elsewhere as a valuable partner in the West. They know the importance of developing fruitful relationships in the markets they serve. “I’m very excited to see that we can expand the role of CHC,” added Facius. “Their expertise in the market, with our technology and its specification, make them a great fit for
EVAPCO’s AXS Cooling Towers now feature the New XPak™ Fill. AXS induced-draft, crossflow cooling towers thermal capacity is independently certified by the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) and, in addition, independently certified by the International Building Code (IBC) to withstand seismic and wind load forces in North America. All EVAPCO sales representatives have more information about “AXS 2.0.” Or, visit EVAPCO’s website ( ).
EVAPCO, Inc. is currently hiring for a range of job opportunities. If you are driven and energetic in your pursuit of innovation and self-improvement, you will find yourself welcome as part of the EVAPCO family. We are a team committed to excellence, who will go the extra mile for our customers, our company and our future. At EVAPCO, the people make the difference. As a privately-held employee-owned company, you share in the ownership of the business; each employee has a stake in the company’s success, and the company has a stake in each employee’s success. Your engagement and commitment to