Ammonia safety with huge energy savings

Get the best of both worlds with Evapcold®, the factory assembled, low charge ammonia refrigeration system that sets the bar for both safety and sustainability.

Requiring just a fraction of the refrigerant charge associated with traditional field-built systems, each Evapcold® unit is expertly crafted as a single-source, quick-to-install solution. The entire system offers simple plug-and-play installation and faster startups with significantly less on-site labor than its field-built alternatives.

Evapcold® products include several state-of-the-art innovations in heat transfer technology, energy efficiency and microprocessor control for reliable low charge operation.

EVAPCO has invested heavily, and continues to do so, in developing new models and configurations under the Evapcold® brand and the product model nomenclature “LCR” (denoting Low Charge Refrigeration).

Read our Evapcold Client testimonial from Western Gateway Storage.


Evapcold® White Papers 


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    Evapcold Rover Pumpout Unit
    The ultimate solution for fast and easy Evapcold® field service in a factory-assembled, mobile package.
  • Primary Product Image
    LCR-P Penthouse
    Choose from 250 models and configurations of our Penthouse family of Evapcold units. Designed to be roof mounted on the refrigerated space.
  • Primary Product Image
    LCR-C Chiller
    Choose from 50 completely self-contained, very low ammonia charge models to find the one perfect for your application.